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Ally's Whole30 Log, Round 2


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OK, so I've made it 20% of the way through and hit my one week mark today.  Round 2 has been somewhat easier since I know what I can eat and where my pitfalls lie.  The success is in the prep.  My biggest pitfall is planning to cook every night, knowing that I might end up working late or might be tired or any version on the same theme.  To combat this, I've done a combination of two things:

1. Prepped meals on the weekend that I can throw in the freezer.

2. Planned for simpler meals

I don't like the simple meals they suggest - ground meat with veggies or something along those lines and Donnie is a really picky eater.  So a simpler meal might be sausage and peppers that takes about 20 minutes, one pan and just requires a lot of chopping.  Or crab cakes that are mixing together a bunch of stuff and baking.  The slow cooker is also my friend, especially on work from home days or weekends.

Convenience foods also help.  Steam in bag veggies, jerky sticks, single serve guacamole.  Breakfast has been either a veggie frittata (prepped on the weekend) with guacamole or hard boiled eggs with jerky, tomatoes and guac and a piece of fruit.  Lunch is mostly leftovers or Dig Inn.  This week I prepped sausage and peppers on the weekend.  And dinner has varied from a burger with sautéed mushrooms, onions and guac to slow cooker Korean short ribs to chicken thighs wrapped in bacon.  It's always accompanied with a veggie (lately steamfresh) and typically some form of potato - baked, mashed, baked in the form of French fry,

I've been feeling pretty full and rarely find myself hungry.  The cravings haven't even been bad with the occasional desire for chocolate (usually after a rough day or when I'm not feeling well).  As a matter of fact, I bought a package of dates to squash my sugar monster and find I don't even want them.  The thing I miss most is sugar in my coffee and the occasional glass of wine or beer.

Tonight I'm going to a concert and we're meeting at a bar beforehand for dinner and drinks - neither of which I will be able to have.  The menu doesn't have anything I can eat and obviously I can't drink.  In preparation, I brought dinner (sausage and peppers with cucumber sticks and guacamole) and ate it at work so I won't be hungry.  It's not a self control problem but more of an annoyance to explain why I'm not eating or drinking and feeling like I'm missing out.   It would not be worth cheating so I will come up with something and stick to my guns.

Knowing that I will be out late tomorrow, I've already prepared breakfast and lunch.  Leftover Mediterranean frittata with olives and clementines, sausage and peppers with cucumber sticks and guacamole and nutpods to have in my coffee that I will so desparately need for my 7:30AM VC.

If done right, you can be social and do the Whole30.  If only my head wasn't killing me and my body didn't ache :( (Probably more related to the fact that it's supposed to rain than the Whole30).

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Now on Day 10 and while still on point, definitely feeling the desire to reward myself, as the timeline says.  (Thank goodness for the timeline because it really helps explain the emotions and frustrations).  I've definitely been having stressed out, cranky sugar cravings and wanting to reward myself with food.  But I haven't.  I hope by the end of the 30 days I can keep that up.  It is definitely my biggest problem and part of my impetus for doing the program.  Too often I binge eat after a bad day at work or grab a bag of chips or a candy bar to feed my stress / frustrations.  Not healthy!

It doesn't help that my boyfriend is not doing it with me and is extremely picky about his food.  I've been trying to pick out things that he will eat, since I do all the cooking in our house, but it's becoming a struggle.  Last night I planned to make Whole30 approved wings with potato salad - this felt like a "junk" food done healthy but, unfortunately, the wings were still frozen.  So instead we had frozen burgers that I keep on hand as a backup for times like this.  I eat the patty with either sautéed mushrooms, onions and guacamole, just guacamole, or Tessemae's BBQ sauce.  It was fine for me, but he complained about the quality of the burgers - and he made his a cheeseburger with ketchup and pickles.  Grr.  It looked so good.  The important thing is that, since this is round 2, I know it's not worth it.

When you work full time and have an hour commute, you gotta make the best of things.  I made pot roast in the slow cooker last night for dinner tonight - came out really tough :(  I guess I will be covering it in BBQ sauce.  Definitely a lesson learned from last time - unless you have time to prep, buy sauces and dips when you can (BBQ sauce, ranch).  I never liked the BBQ sauces I made before and they ruined many a meal.  They take forever too, so this was definitely the best.

I also purchased sugar free bacon and hot dogs from U.S. Wellness meats and am about to have bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Fingers crossed it's delicious!  Eating healthy is not cheap or easy and flavor matters!

Today's meal Plan:

Scrambled eggs, sugar free bacon, guacamole and tomatoes; banana

Buffalo wings with potato salad

Pot roast with mashed potatoes

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