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Busy bowels


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Firstly, sorry for the overshare! I'm on day 35 of a W30 (after finishing the program, I had some busy days with work and decided to postpone reintro until this weekend) - however, from about Thursday (my day 34), i've had some problems with diarrhea.

On Thursday, it was quite mild - just a bit looser and more regular than normal. But every day it has got a little more loose and now, basically after every meal I am going to the bathroom. I should point out that prior to my W30 (and even during it!) I had problems with regularity. This was one of the things I was trying to regulate or improve with the W30 program. The last week I probably ate some more nuts and dried fruit than I should have, but my meals have been compliant and pretty consistent from what I was like on the program (e.g. no new foods in the last few days) Has anyone experienced this problem or have any insight on whether this is (somewhat) normal/expected?

Part of me is thinking that this could be my body starting to adjust from the program, but I'm also slightly worried (not alone for the fact that I have to go to work in the morning and don't think I can handle this!). I'm going to try and keep my foods simple today, but don't really know what I should have?! Any suggestions? 


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