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Starting Jan 1st 2018


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Hello all!!!

I will be starting Whole 30 on Jan 1st with my boyfriend (who is going to eat whatever I cook so he has no choice but to join me hahaha...I’m just kidding though, he really is committed to doing the program with me) Here are a few reasons why I want to start:

1) I have terrible reflux, don’t want to take a pill anymore, need to learn how to really chew my food, enjoy it, and not gulp it down because I’m always in such a hurry for no good reason. 

2) I love snacking!!! I love sweet, I love salty, I love crunch!  It’s my downfall. I want to rid my body of these sugary cravings and just junk food cravings in general!

3) I have no problem working out 5-6 days a week. But because of the way I eat, I really see no physical benefits from my efforts. Seems like it all just cancels each other out because I will tell myself, “well I worked out this morning, I can eat these 2 donuts and slice of pizza!” Haha! So I need to learn how to make better choices. 

4) Cooking is not my favorite. Probably because I always find recipes that are way to complicated and never turn out as good as I thought. Looking through the books has me excited to learn how to cook tasty food with whole ingredients. 

Ok, those are just a few points that come to mind. Looking forward to the journey. I will be grocery shopping and prepping this weekend!  Good luck to all and thank you for the support!!! :) 

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