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Starting January 2nd, 2018!


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Hi folks!

My name is Alice. I am 27 and live in London, and I'm starting the Whole30 on January 2nd, 2018!

My goal for the programme is to curb some of the cravings I get, particularly for sugary sweet treats. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and heart disease run in both sides of my family so I'm trying to set myself some healthy habits for my future. I recently had my cholesterol levels checked and all were normal, but you can never be too prepared!

I'm a fairly fit and active person in general but I'm hoping that curbing these cravings will give me an extra boost and improve my moods and general sense of well-being. I suffer from anxiety and the occasional bout of depression so I will be keeping a mood diary throughout my Whole30. I have also had hypothyroidism since the age of 12 - I take thyroxine for it and as it's been part of my daily life for over 15 years I don't pay it too much mind, it's just part of my routine.

I'm doing this on my own - I live alone so will only be cooking for myself - but because I'm doing it on my own there is nobody but myself to hold myself accountable. I'm planning on posting and reading the forum daily throughout my Whole30 in order to keep myself motivated. I plan to start on the 2nd January rather than the 1st, as my family normally has a big get-together and huge family meal on New Years' Day, and I didn't want to set myself a gigantic social challenge on Day One.

Another big challenge for me is the fact that my office has a massive cake culture. There are cakes and biscuits in the office all the time, with a regular "Let's have a cup of tea and a slice of cake" at least once every two weeks. It's a big part of the social life at work and difficult to avoid. If anybody has any tips on how to manage this, please do let me know!

Any other January 2nd starters, introduce yourselves. Let's smash this!


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