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Hello all!

Amber Boddy

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I found about Whole 30 earlier this month through a facebook friend. I've signed up for the daily service, and my start date is January 4. Excited!

My daughters are the driving force to start this. I need a kick in the pants to walk down the healthy road, and they are usually the ones bugging me to make the healthy foods they learned about in school, or are wanting to do yoga or pilates with me. My motivation has been lax. A lot of the time, I am too lazy, or too tired (I work with middle years students all day & run early literacy programs on weekends). Something needs to change, and this seems like the place to start.

How is the daily service email? Did you sign up for it? If so, how much did you like it?

I look forward to keeping track via forums. I need to pick up a larger variety of food items (oh god, the amounts of turkey in my freezer). Perhaps my husband would start to eat a little better than he has been, as well!

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