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Alyson Flores

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So I am 13 days into this journey and I am pleasantly surprised. 

I am not ALWAYS hungry

My husband has committed to this with me. SURPRISE!!!

We have been able to adapt to eating with our friends by choosing to cook for everyone.

I haven't noticed a lot with my energy level or craving changes but I have seen mood swings and have dreams about "Failing" these 30 days. I love taking control of my food instead of it controlling me. Having a positive day and loving it.

I am tired of eggs for breakfast but making do.

Here's to the rest of the journey.

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For a second I thought you were going to say you were having weird food dreams. I have been dreaming about non-complaint food for 2 nights now. First night was cookies and cupcakes, last night was fried chicken and cheese. Here’s hoping for a less food filled slumber. 

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