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W30 newbie - daily log


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Day 1

B: coffee w/nutpods, 2 eggs, homemade pork sausage, zucchini, onions, ghee

Snack: had a mini handful of roasted nuts with chili powder when they came out of the oven

Lunch: pork marinated in PK greek dressing, coleslaw with jalapenos, lime juice, and PK ranch

Dinner: hamburger with PK chipotle mayo, romaine & tomatoes with ranch, roasted potatoes, watermelon

Also prepped: arrabiata sauce and turkey meatballs, boiled potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, chopped apples, sliced jalapeno, romaine for salads.

Random thoughts: Nutpods are kinda disappointing. I'm thinking coffee might not be as big a part of my morning routine as preW30. Started the day a little hung over and really stiff (wedding last night). I think booze makes me feel stuffy. I know it makes me feel overfull. I may not bother to reintroduce it later. Also, I'm hungry. Might have dinner #2.


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Day 2...

Well, first, an update on day 1.  About an hour after dinner, I finished off the roasted potatoes that were supposed to be leftovers for later in the week.

Breakfast: leftover coleslaw, homemade sausage, coffee with nutpods

Lunch: salad w/ romaine, tomatoes, shredded cabbage and carrots, crumbled beef patty, PK ranch; mashed sweet potatoes with ghee, garlic salt and spicy paprika; a tiny bit of watermelon leftover from yesterday

Lunch Part 2:  diced apples and leftover pork chop

Lunch Part 3: chili roasted cashews and pistachios

Dinner: zoodles, turkey meatballs, arrabiata sauce; potatoes sauteed in ghee and a little olive oil

So, I've been hungry all day. I know I didn't eat enough for breakfast, but I was running late for work (which is silly because I work from home) and wanted to be quick about it. I thought I made up for it at lunch, but I was hungry all afternoon. Lunch Part 2 and Part 3 were each about an hour to 90 minutes apart. Zoodles and meatballs were the dinner I had planned, but it was clear that was not a full W30 meal. I added the potatoes to round things out. I keep thinking I get the template, but maybe not. Tomorrow I'll start with larger protein portions and build from there. I have a terrible habit of buying vegetables and letting them rot in my fridge, so I'm trying to eat everything before I go shopping again. More coleslaw, romaine, and tomatoes tomorrow, plus some jalapeno, and a few bags of frozen veg--more "noodles" and cauliflower rice. 

Potatoes seem to be a trigger for me. I plowed through what I thought would be a week's worth in 2 days, and I can't tell when I'm eating them if I'm hungry or not. So, no white potatoes on my shopping list for now. (Sweet potatoes are okay because I just don't love them that way.)

Going to my mom's after work tomorrow. She's a typical Italian mom...loves to feed her babies. She also really wants to see us all lose weight (we take after our obese dad while mom is 95 pounds soaking wet), so she's supportive. It's confusing for both of us. I hope she's not planning to make dinner. 



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I'm still here! One week down. Instead of recording my meals here, I'm just taking pictures of them. So far, so good. I've been off work most of the week (just worked Mon and Tues), so I think that's making things easier. Next week, I work a full week and have a couple days of travel. I think I'm prepared: Chomps meat sticks, olives, nuts, larabars, compliant deli turkey from Trader Joes. I just need to grab some travel friendly veggies from the store when it's closer to travel time.

No major changes or NSVs so far. There are a couple of habit things I need to work on--I'm still eating in front of the TV and snacking. 

Gotta say I'm loving the added fat. I could (but won't!) eat PK Chipotle Mayo by the spoonful. 

A little good news/bad news has come up to complicate my month, though. My bff lives on the west coast, and I live in the midwest. She's going to be in Chicago the last weekend in July and invited me to meet here there for a couple of days. Of course I said yes! But, how do you spend two days in Chicago and stay on the Whole30?! I only go to Chicago about once a year and I have so many favorite restaurants. Plus, bff and I drink a lot of wine when we're together.

WWMHD (What would Melissa Hartwig do)? I'm sure she'd stick with the plan. I'm going to spend some serious time thinking about this, but my heart says if I can do a Whole27, then it's still a win. I know, I know. That's not what the book says.

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Day 9. I feel like garbage today. Tired and cranky and dreading going back to work tomorrow (actually, feeling anxious about not going back to work today, but I've got the PTO scheduled so why would I work today?) The last thing I want right now is breakfast. Isn't that weird? If I were feeling this way in the evening, I would be wanting to bury my head in a takeout container. But in the morning? Coffee. Just coffee. I'm missing my french vanilla sugar free coffee mate though. 

TBH, the food isn't hard at all. It's delicious and fairly close to how I eat already (I like to cook, and I've been on-and-off of a very similar diet plan (except replace all the added fat with whey protein and greek yogurt) for the last year). I get a little twitchy at the prospect of eating in a restaurant (haven't tried it yet) and haven't seen any of the friends I usually drink with for the last 9 days (not that unusual for me), but the routine, day-to-day stuff is fine. I'm single, live alone, and work from home, so it's pretty easy to control my environment. Maybe to my detriment. 

If I think about what I'd eat right now if there were no rules...I don't want anything. I guess this is not that unusual. I don't know if it's happening on the "right" day, but I do remember reading about this in Day By Day. So, I'm on track, I guess. But...blerg. I'm irritated.

Over the last couple months, I've been slowly working my way through Russell Brand's Recovery program. His basic premise is that the 12 steps work great for addicts but they can work for anyone who has bad habits and negative patterns in their lives. I thought I'd take it on for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is my emotional/binge eating. Yesterday, I worked Step 4, which is making a list of resentments/grievances. It made me realize I'm holding on to a lot of petty shit. I guess that's the point--making you realize that what you carry doesn't serve you. It also made me realize that I'm incredibly hard on myself, and that most of the things I resent other people for actually reflect back on me. When I feel like I'm not good enough (smart enough, attractive enough, funny enough, savvy enough, etc. etc.), I tend to find someone who a) agrees with me (e.g., my work nemesis who complains about how I manage projects) or b) exemplifies what I'd like to be (e.g., my smarter, prettier, skinnier sister) and direct my resentment at that person. It allows me to gloss over the part where I'm not meeting my own impossible expectations and make someone else the villain. Crazy, y'all. 

So, maybe I'm in a shit mood this morning more because of what I processed yesterday emotionally than what my body is trying to process hormonally or whatever. Either way, I will try to be kind to myself today. I will try to remember that the only one judging me is me. 

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