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Second Whole 30, Began August 15th

Amy Rose

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My first Whole 30 was in March of this year, and it was a huge success. I was blown away at how much I learned about my own body -- what it loves, what it absolutely hates, and what it tries to deal with when I feed it weird things. Subsequently, I have removed all legumes and all dairy from my usual food list. I have relegated grains (but only the very freshest breads) to "uncommon" status, and I have been avoiding most added sugars because my body just wants more more more more more and there's no end to that.

But I've found myself eating more of these supposedly uncommon foods this summer. The last straw was when I ate ice cream cones four days in a row. The dairy/sugar/grain combo just messed up my system to the point that I have rushed back for a Whole 30 to reset my eating and attitude.

Having already learned about food prepping on the weekend, and how important sleep is to the process, and how I need to make my food choices the #1 thing every day -- I believe this second Whole 30 will be a smoother than the first. After only eight days, I've already noticed my body has eased back into its feel-good traits: I'm mentally sharper; I'm at peace most of the day; digestion and elimination are top-notch; there is no afternoon energy slump. I am watching closely to see any new reactions to clean eating. It really is a miracle worker!

At the beginning of this second go-around, I joined a conversation here of people that started on the same day. But that forum has gone quiet. Instead of losing the few posts I already made, I've transferred them here:

Posted August 16

I started on August 15th as well. This is my second Whole 30 -- my first was in March and I learned so much about what my body wants and needs to be happy. Most of those lessons stuck with me, but I have recently lost my way. I can feel the difference that poor choices make, and I'm using this Whole 30 as a way to refocus myself on health.



Posted August 17

I've been feeding myself well and planning my meals ahead of time. Lunches so far have been a couple hard boiled eggs and an avocado, which is surprisingly filling long-term. With some blueberries for dessert, I feel like I'm treating myself. Dinner is seafood and veggies, since I have both in the freezer so it's the same as free food. Also, seafood is my absolute favorite and here I am again -- treating myself. I figure the first week will be the toughest so I deserve wonderful food right now.

I've also been very careful in the evening, my prime snacking time. For the last two days I've just made a large cup of hot tea (Bengal Spice -- the best!) and gone to bed early with my iPad and two little dogs for company. This helps to keep my mind busy, plus I'm too lazy to get up and go find a snack once I'm curled up in bed.



Posted August 21

As a naturally lazy person, food prep has been my toughest part of the Whole30. But once I realized how easy my dinners are (and my daily lunch-packing), I have warmed up to pre-prep. What have you been making ahead of time? I'm always on the lookout for new great recipes. My favorite right now is meatballs and marinara sauce made in a slow cooker. The sauce is excellent, as are the meatballs, and it makes a LOT.  Here's the recipe:    https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/paleo-slow-cooker-meatballs-whole30/

My weekend was up and down -- Saturday was one of those "Kill Everything" days, but it helped that I knew the feelings were temporary, so I just hung in there. By Sunday I was back to my usually smiling self, and glad I didn't screw up the day before.






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Well, I got through the weekend on-plan, so Yay, Me! Now I'm facing a very stressful Monday at work with an unexpected emergency workload that will crush my entire workweek.

This is the point at which I normally go out and score a large amount of M&Ms (or caramels, or other small candies), then eat them all day while slogging through the mess in front of me. But I won't be doing that today. I will just breathe deeply, focus on the work. and calmly tackle the problem step-by-step. I will make some fabulous hot tea (yes, I know it's summer but this is still comforting) and I will do my best work until all the issues are fixed.

**sigh**  And I will remind myself that chocolate doesn't really fix anything.

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Well!  That was a serious off-roading experience!

It's been days -- many of them -- since I have eaten on plan. As a matter of fact, I cannot even remember how I got off track. I was sick with a bad cold for some of that time, but that wasn't the reason. But it doesn't really matter -- I'm back now.

So, a restart is in order. Today is day ONE. I am totally unprepared -- no food in the refrigerator, no lunch packed today, no idea what I will cook tonight for the rest of the week. It's sort of like showing up for a party and the entire venue is empty. All I have to rely on is my experience with Whole 30 and my memories of what has worked -- simple hearty flavorful food, prepared with care and eaten with the peace that self-care can bring.

I'm tempted to skip lunch because I didn't bring anything to work with me and finding a healthy choice is a hassle. But I know if I do that -- I will be starving at dinnertime and I will make awful choices.

So, lunch -- sushi, with no rice? or ribs -- mmmm, love those! I can get a full slab as a takeout item, then eat what I want and take the rest home -- brilliant! The online ordering is all delivery, but I want to pick it up. I'll just have to walk down and decide there.  This is a great restart!

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** Note to self - a half slab of ribs plus two sides of broccoli makes for a wonderful lunch plus plenty of leftovers for a second meal -- genius!  Also, this is an expensive choice and should only be relied on in an emergency.

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