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Whole30 First-timer starting tomorrow!! (Sep 5)


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Hello!!! My name is Meredith, I'm 26 years old and I am starting Whole30 for the first time ever tomorrow and am a perfect mixture of excited and nervous! While I have had more sugar cravings the past few months, breads and grains are my real nemesis. I have done other types of clean eating before and have experienced some pretty magical effects (like awesome natural energy, uplifted spirit, and greater productivity) so those are some motivators starting off! I am also hoping to say ADIOS to my cravings, SEE-YA NEVER skin issues, and LATER to my morning headaches!!! 

Keeping my WHY on mind every day to stick it through this 30 days! THERE ARE MUCH HARDER THINGS THAT WE DO THAN THIS.

:) :) :) 

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