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Post sleeve and vitamins

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Hello all. I’ll be starting my Whole30 on the first. I’m not too worried about portion sizes or anything like that, just the vitamin aspect. I was just wondering if anyone has just forgone their multivitamins while doing this. The sleeve doesn’t cause the malabsorption issues like bypass, so I was wondering if anyone had labs drawn or any side effects from giving their vitamins up. I’ve taken them every day for the 2 years since surgery. I’m a nurse practitioner and a little surprised that every single supplement I’m on has either sugar, a sugar substitute, soy, or something else not Whole30 approved. It’s fascinating how much we don’t realize what we are ingesting and that’s one reason I want to do Whole30. I’ve maintained my weight since surgery and want to keep it that way, but my sugar dragon is out of control and need to slay him. That being said, I would like to not continue with supplements that have such, no matter how little. Thanks! 

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