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Breast Cancer Survivor


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Hello!  I did Whole 30 last summer, one month before being diagnosed ( Aug. 2018). I loved it and felt great,

especially the last 2 weeks. Well... then my docs told me to eat whatever sounded good post surgery and

during chemo.  I am now on Letrizole ( estrogen inhibitor) , having a hard time losing weight, achy...

but determined to lose 30!!  So... here we go.  Mostly I want to feel good again.

Looking for other survivors... tips, suggestions?  Is this bad when I am trying to suppress estrogen?

Estrogen is produced in fat cells ( one of the ways) so I need to lose the weight!

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Hi LindaLu88! I am not a breast cancer survivor and hope others who are will share their personal experience with Whole30 beyond treatments. I did just want to encourage you in your decision ~ I think anytime we choose to eat in a way that reduces inflammation and allows our bodies to simply focus on maximizing the nutrient dense food we're giving it, instead of trying to tackle inflammatory responses, is a win. And that is what Whole30 is all about! And while its not a weight loss program, the majority of people find that when their digestion is healthy and inflammation is under wraps, the body naturally begins to burn and utilize the whole foods for nutrition  and energy! Resulting in a whole host of great benefits ~ weight loss being one of them. 

But more than anything ~ I love that you recognize the connection between Whole30 and feeling good! The power of real whole food and its ability to restore the body is incredible! Keep us posted on your Whole30 journey! 

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