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Sleep Problems

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I finished my Whole 30 this September and am slowly introducing. I excluded nightshades on mine and kept low histamine as much as possible because I have some sensitivities to them and my naturopath said it could cause sleep problems. However, this was hard at times, so I did have small amounts here and there because I was so limited otherwise. Unfortunately, I still have had sleep problems and am so exhausted. The tiger blood got me through it though and still is but I really need this to improve.  This started before the Whole 30. I thought my sleep would get better as it did during previous rounds but it didn't. I am becoming so paranoid about anything with histamines.

Basically I go to bed at 10 pm-10:30 pm and wake up at 4 or 5 am. 10 pm to 5 am is actually a good night now that I think of it.  The past two days I have been waking up at 2 am. It is hard for me to fall back asleep. I take magnesium, GABA, valerian sometimes. I meditate at night for a long time. I also have chronic pain so sometimes if my pain is bad then I have a hard time falling asleep and a hard time falling back asleep if my pain signals wake up. I will say that my pain and stiffness has improved though from the Whole 30.

Sorry for rambling but that is what sleep deprivation will do. How can I sleep through the night?

I should also add that when I had labs done in August my iron and DHEA levels were low. However, those supplements caused sleep problems and constipation (iron) so  I stopped them. I think my iron has gone up.

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