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Hey everyone! 

My name is Erika, I'm excited to do my Whole 30 again. I'm returning to whole 30 after feeling really out of control with food over the last year. I did my 1st whole 30 in 2016 with great results in reduction in potion sizes due to discomfort in over eating. A thought that was a great success as well as a loss of 10lbs. However I was not totally faithful to the program the 1st time.

I'm also looking to reduce my inflammation and tendonitis symptoms. I decided to do this little blog to try and be apart of a community of like minded people I can get advice from. I have a serious serious sweet tooth an I need to do better in staying on track. I can't let sugar control my whole life for any longer. 

So I'm happy to be here and use this as a tool to help me commit to a full 30 days with no cheats & having fun doing it. Look forward to reading about everyone's own struggles stories and advice/food prep hacks!

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