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Day 1 on 6/22/20- First Time Ever!

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Hello all!

After three months of Quarantine, gaining the Q15 and generally feeling stagnant (trapped at home with two elementary aged kids- there is a reason I send them to public school! I'm not a teacher!), I need a challenge. A shake up. Health and fitness have always been in my wheelhouse, so I started researching Whole30. Sounds like a doable challenge!

My biggest hurdle will be my wine obsession. Although it WILL be a hard habit to break, it will be a needed change. Just ask my family!

I already do plenty of cooking, but I will miss pasta, cheese, and the aforementioned wine. I love eggs and veggies. Fruit, eh, rarely. I love nuts (heh heh).....

I don't really know what else to say, but I am looking forward to this, and checking in on this forum!

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