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Day 9... hoo-rah!


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I have done many interesting things.

I spent several days with my fibro flaring up, so on the couch taking tylenol and double Aleve while my doctors argued over what pain medication I could have (and deciding after it was mostly over). I'm also on the end of a week's worth of antibiotics for a lymph node that was swollen for over 6 months (much better now).

I gave up vegetarianism on the theory that despite having many successful years as a veggie athlete, my newly diagnosed CFS/fibro dictates a dietary change. (I learned to cook chicken. Pretty well, actually.)

I am starting to have more energy (tempered by soreness and aches).

I am bound and determined to go to Gentle Yoga tonight, Tai Chi tomorrow, and start riding my horse again at the end of the month.

I am thirsty. Lots. If I have my water bottle there I will drink the whole thing and refill. I am drinking several cups of tea each day.

I am not so addicted to sweet potatoes as I was at the beginning.

I have not had chocolate in 9 days.

I avoided cheating horribly this morning despite waking up an hour late and not having time to make breakfast (have been grazing on a banana and mini-tupperware each of almonds and blueberries--no, not great, but could have been way worse).

I fess up to my cheats: a tiny bit of rice in a sushi roll and (in a moment of duuhhhh... after I drank it) Emergen-C. (I didn't have any vit c tabs in the house.)

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