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Sulfites in my Digestive enzymes!!

Heather Robertson

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I know.  It is such a bummer.  The Hartwigs recently released a new edition of their book, and while I haven't seen it yet, I understand that one change they made was to eliminate the mention of specific brands.  Brands that are compliant at time of publication may become non-compliant at any time.


If you find current references to NOW enzymes on the website, could you link them?  I'd like to see where they are and ask if they can be edited out.  Not sure about this (I am not involved in website creation or editing), but I can ask.

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The new version of the book mentions NOW Foods Digest Platinum (pg 255). I could not find that particular one, but did find the other version the website mentions. The Whole9 website linked me right to the one I ordered.


It's under the section "What digestive enzymes should I take" then under "Reputation".

I completely understand things change, at the point I just want to know what is the best and compliant one to take. I will have to look into it tonight hopefully!

Anyhow, thanks for the help!

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