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KarenT's Whole30 log


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On my last two days. Wish I had kept a daily log, but never got around to it.

This last week has zipped by, can't believe the 30 days is almost over. I've been eating mostly Paleo (80/20) since last August, so had all the ingredients in stock when I began the Whole30. I have missed cheeses and baking Paleo desserts, but didn't really have a problem with omitting artificial and natural sweeteners (Maple syrup and Coconut sugar).

I rarely drink alcohol, so the switch to sparkling water was no biggie. Drinking my coffee black and no honey in my tea was a bigger adjustment.

Woke up with severe leg cramping once, so loaded up on avocados and greens that day as well as increasing my water intake. Not sure if I was dehydrated or low on magnesium or potassium. Seem OK now.

Throwing out all my old store bought condiments and making fresh natural replacements. Too much sugar in my ketchup and BBQ sauce.

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