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My Whole 30 - Day 1


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Day 1- :D

WAHOOOOOOOOOO! I love Whole30. I am 24 years old, 5'3'' and currently weigh 140. This is NOT my normal weight. Pre-College, I consistently weighed between 110-120. Then college happened.....dun dun DUN! I quickly gained weight by over-eating, eating unhealthy foods (lots carbs and sugar) and lack of exercise. Wasn't feeling so hot. By sophomore year I was large and in charge. This frame with 149 pounds was not pretty...my confidence shattered, self-esteem low and self-respect low. Well, I finally did get the weight of senior year but not in a healthy way. I barely ate, when I did I ate basically only cereal and ran 5 miles a day. I had a lot of bad influences in my life at that time and things that were upsetting me. I was also taking ADD medicine which decreased my appetite, gave me the focus to run millions of miles but also made me psycho. I was not in a good place. Once I stopped taking them, gained almost 25 pounds quickly. Needless to say I am trying to break almost 6 years of bad eating habits.

Back to square 1. Starting fresh. Starting whole. NO more processed foods, NO more bad influences, NO more bad attitude. BACK TO BASICS! This is my second whole30 (did my first on november 2012) but i did not succeed in Post-Whole30 last time. This is a new journey with new goals.

Goals- control my eating, no more letting food control me. Get banging/smokin hot body back. Permanently lose weight and have new outlook on Whole eating.

Themes: Back to Basics. Simplify. Positive Attitude. If you don't like something, change it. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Kick A$$ in all aspects of life.

So I am moving to Chicago in May of 2013. I want to have all of my eating habits under control and be a Whole9 lifer. I will weigh between 120-125 when I move and I will not longer fear going back to 140. I will be confident and ready to tackle my new job. I will be stronger and ready for more commitment in my relationship with my wonderful/amazing/supportive boyfriend.


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