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AJ post whole44:)


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Well I did it. I jumped off the diving board and into reality! And I think, ahem, I know I will succeed.

I completed a whole30! Huge accomplishment for me to stick with it and follow through! I was afraid of ending it as I didn't want to nosedive back into cruddy binging and eating habits. So onward I went and made it to day 44.

Tonight was the night! My husband took me out for a very nice steak dinner for v-day. Filet. Mushrooms. House salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Baked fries. No wine. No bread!

BUT I chose to share the chocolate cake with fudge icing:). It tasted a little smoked at first but then the sweetness hit and was yummy. I ate small and slow bites and enjoyed it. Developed a very slight headache immediately. In the past I would have scraped that plate clean! Tonight , there was cake left and I was thirsty and satisfied.

Best thing is - I have no desire to go crazy tomorrow. I will have my usual breakfast. Pack healthy snacks for my daughters cheer competition. I will prepare the whole chicken I cooked today for meals. Woohoooooooo! Feel awake and just so darn proud! And so liberating.

Oh yeah, my 5 miles today were the best yet.

Onward and upward !!! These forums have made such a huge impact and have helped so much! Thank you!!!

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I started off really good. Made it a week with just on offroad here and there until last Saturday I completely binged. I think it stemmed from emotional and a who cares attitude. So I figured the next day I should start a whole 30 again! Well I lasted 6 days and made a decision to try again. I got back on track rather easily, score! Friday we had a good friend over and we received our piano so lots of playing and relaxing. Wine! The first I've had wine all year. It was good. Had a few mini cupcakes as well with a delicious compliant dinner! Today I was compliant until dinner. No ill effects. Actually felt really good this morning. Celebrated birthdays tonight with good friends at our Mexican hangout establishment and indulged in a margarita, chips and queso. First all year for this too! It was so good. So, I indulged a little but was controlled and ready to be compliant through the week. I have learned so much this year. Feel super healthy. I am at my goal weight, just need to muscle up a tad;). I do not want to ever gain those 10 pounds back and now I have the tools to maintain. Awesome.

Bfast- 2 eggs, sweet potato cake, bok Choy, avo dressing, cauliflower

Lunch- chicken breast, avo dressing

Dinner- chicken fajitas no tortillas, chile and queso, margarita, few bites of fried ice cream as their bday treat.

Hoping to be compliant until atleast next Saturday afternoon, maybe longer.

Run - 7 miles

Life is good:)

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Had a good day. Didn't gain any weight over the weekend-different than my 'used to gain 3-4 pounds just in that short amount of time!' I indulged a little, worked out and stayed the same. Awesome.

7:30- 2 eggs, sweet potato cake, bok Chou and collard greens with avo dressing, roasted cauliflower

12:30-choc chili, greens and avo dressing, grape

Snack - grape

6:30- 2 eggs, chic chili

I would like to get more variety in my cooking, have just been really comfortable with what I do eat and am lazy! There are so many wonderful meals posted everywhere!

Made mayo and avo dressing this morning. Didn't get enough sleep, woke up from dh birds chirping on his phone. Rrrgh. Up Late. Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight. Very tired late after ion and this evening. Hoping tomorrow I am more productive

Enjoyed piano time with the kids tonight. Hoping to establish more fun and play with the family!

No workout today. Tried early this morning but gave up. Tomorrow!

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Had a great bfast and lunch. Plan was to do well till next Thursday (shopping day with good friends) well it ended in a trip to DQ. My daughter has been dying to go and sure enough our school had a fundraising night tonight so it was a good time for a treat. However, by the time we all got there it was late, and no one had eaten dinner. So 'for the cause;)' I downed a cheeseburger and soda meal followed by 1/2 banana split. I had ordered a snack size ban. Split blizzard lol. It was good. I feel ok now but I know tomorrow I won't like the scale:). Didn't like it this morning so whatever. I loved whole 30 for Not Weighing! One day ill chuck it.

I did crossfit yesterday, ran 5 good speedy (for me) miles today and plan to crossfit tomorrow. Great wo week for me!

Bfast- eggs, sweet potato cake, kale avo dressing tomatoes

Lunch- choc chili, roasted cauli and carrots with avo dressing

Dinner - woops !

Another days starts fresh tomorrow:)!!!

Happy night!

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You sound like me. I don't really grasp the concept of controlled reintroduction. When I'm between Whole30s, I eat totally compliant or totally non-compliant. Haha

It's been forever since I lived in a place where DQ sold burgers. That brings back memories of small town Oklahoma...

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Finally. Made it through a whole day!!! Now I'm mentally gaining headway:)

Just 2 eggs for breakfast. I had enough overcarbsumption this weekend to last 2 weeks. Plus my daughter was up sick the night before and I was feeling week and unsure if I was going to be sick as well. I was full until lunch-chicken breast and thigh, kale, cherry tomatoes, avo dressing. Dinner - 2 chicken burgers topped with pizza sauce and sautéed onions. New and fancy looking and tasty! Kale, cherry tomatoes avo dressing. Sweet potato fries - my best yet. Used a liner and much easier to remove. Handful of almonds and raisins.

My daughter -8- has been eating the kale and everyone ate the chicken burgers. No bread. Nice:).

Here's to getting back on the feel good wagon!

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After a week of flu and not wanting anything healthy I am ready to get serious again. Sweet potatoes and eggs coming back up was not good for stomaching anything whole30 related! And of course knowing tomorrow is Monday and I will be good- I let it all go today. Typical. No regrets!

I have a big party this Friday and I need to fit into the clothes I just bought lol and then obvious to feel better and less tired. We have a huge week coming up! So excited!!!

Plan for tomorrow: eggs, sweet potatoe and greens

Defrost choc. chili for lunch

Ground beef and veggies for dinner

Hot tea

80 ounces of water

5 mile run

I will snack on grapes and carrots if I absolutely am hungry or better yet, tuna and olive oil. I will not eat any form of sugar. I will not stop for a fountain coke. I will do 5 things on my to do list. I will get to sleep by 9:30. I will read in my bible. I will be positive and smile often:)

Ready. Set. Go.

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Bday party is over. I have spring break coming up and am traveling to Florida. My life is one big excuse! I am planning to do well with a few offroading. If I succeed then may continue if not then I'm back in whole 30 April 8!

It is so difficult to get your mind set back into it. I have started off today well and just really need to get a day under my belt!

Breakfast- hamburger party, fried egg, roasted cauliflower, blueberries, a little ketchup.

Lunch - hamburger party, avo, onions, ketchup, grapes, roasted cauliflower

I put out split chicken breasts for dinner - wonder what I will do with them????

I am going to go buy wellfed right now. And start ISWF again over lunch:)

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