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Starting Whole 60 on Sun


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I just finished my first Whole 35. It wasn't completely clean as I found sugar sausages I ate, shrimp, and bacon. So, now that I have found all the sugar free version of those meats, I am trying again.

Before I restarted, I took some time today to just eat the stuff I "remembered" as being really good.

I ate chocolate, chips, soda, and gluten free pizza. None of it tasted like I remembered. The chocolate tasted waxy, the pizza was okay, the soda tasted like acid, and the chips were okay.

I could definitely tell that my energy and clarity took a nosedive.

Now that the memory of how good those things tasted is completely gone, I don't think I am going to have any trouble staying on a Whole 60 diet. The chocolate cravings are gone. I think we can honestly say that I am now a recovered chocoholic. I have no desire to eat any more chocolate, drink a soda, eat a pizza or eat chips. Maybe after 60 days, I will just eat some mashed potatoes.

Seriously, I was like, "If this is what I was eating before, no wonder why I didn't enjoy eating food." Real food actually tasted better, and I enjoyed it more. Before Whole 30, I would not have said that because my taste buds didn't know any better.

This time I am doing that Autoimmune protocol. Only thing I need to cut out are the nuts and the Ibuprofen.

Here is to restored energy, clarity, and health!


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Congratulations on your whole60!

I want to share with you my experience.

I am on my day 8,but today I was going to give up because I started to feeling very weak and with cramps. I wondering if am doing something wrong. I am eating 3 times per day, chicken, eggs, fish and veggies. Please help. I was going to post my questions but I did not know how.

Thank you


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How long have you been feeling weak? Do you think one of the foods you are eating is giving you cramps?

I know that after I ate cruddy food (hotdogs, chocolate, etc) for awhile and then all of a sudden started eating really healthy I felt really tired for a week.

I didn't have your experience though. So, I am not sure how to respond.

Have you talked to your doctor about your experience?

If you don't get an answer here, I may suggest you repost your question in a new post so that more people see it. That way you may get a faster response. I just want you to get what you need to keep going.


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