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Beautiful and compliant at Lone Star


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My husband was craving a steak that he didn't have to cook tonight (lol), so we went to Lone Star Steakhouse which is in the next town over. We spoke with the kitchen manager and found out that nothing was compliant due to the use of soybean oil on the grill. She offered to cook our meal in clean pans without the soy and without butter. We had salads with oil and vinegar (minus croutons and cheese), steaks, shrimp, broccoli, and sweet potato and it was all so flavorful without all of the additions that one might add at a steakhouse. Real food tastes amazing!

Asking all of these questions can be intimidating, but the entire experience was extremely pleasurable for us. If you have one near you, keep some of these questions in mind and know that a steakhouse is a great place to hunt down some compliant food.

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