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Third Time's The Charm

Georgia Buchanan

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And we're back!

Third time's the charm...I'm getting to 30 this time! I did a Whole20 in the fall and it was amazing- never felt healthier and more full of energy, but didn't get to 30 because of the holidays. Started again in January, but had horrible food poisoning, so it's taken some time to eat normally again. There was lots of porridge for awhile!

But, I'm back and ready to start again....

Day One starts tomorrow!

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Oh Lord! I've had some more side effects from a bad case of food poisoning almost 3 months ago, so decided to postpone my re-start until I felt 100% better! And the time HAS COME! In the last month, I haven't been eating horribly, but I do feel the 'carb and sugar slug' that I was hugely relieved from the last time I did a Whole30. The lightness and energy that I know are the big benefits of this program I truly miss. So, I've got one more day to prepare and then I'm starting! APRIL 17th will be my new DAY 1.....

Onwards and upwards! xx

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