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Started today 03/21/2013 ANYONE?


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So far so good. I had breakfast and lunch and its 5pm and I'm good.

I am a drinker but I am such in place of wanting to do this I feel I've got this. But...... I also smoke, but not full time. I am a social, when I drink, when I'm mad, when the weather is perfect and I just want to sit outside and take it in, when I have a nice hot cup of tea kind of smoker. So figured I got this too. Then I had some good news, some exciting stuff that is coming my way. And bam it hit me I wanted to go sit outside with a club soda (this in place of my cocktail :)) and a smoke! WTH? Now I'm freaked out.

Well if ur a newbie today too, and ur having a first day challenge lets chat :)

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