3 meals ONLY per day plus post workout meal?

Toni Tab

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Just a quick question, i finished reading ISWF and i am going to make sure i do almost everything the way it is supposed to be. I am a high school athlete who also does P90X & i'm wondering if in addition to my post workout meal (which is usually in the morning and serves as breakfast) i still can have my other 3 meals throughout the day? My biggest weakness is grazing and snacking which i hope to stop.

So what i am asking is if my post workout meal serves as breakfast, can i still eat my first meal as lunch, eat my second meal around 3pm, and my third meal as dinner? Or should i just let eat a snack around 3pm?

Thanks and i hope i didn't confuse you too much!


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Toni, your question makes perfect sense. Your PWO meal is a special bonus meal, dedicated just to your recovery. So if your PWO meal is your first meal of the day, you still need to eat "Meal 1," "Meal 2," and "Meal 3" in the course of your day. Make sense? If you're training that hard, you need the extra nutrition to support your activity level, so on days when you train, you eat a pre-workout snack, a PWO meal, and then breakfast/lunch/dinner.


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