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First Whole30.


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Hi all,

I decided to introduce myself on the forums to help with some accountability and also recieve some support... unfortunately I'm not familiar with anyone in my neck of the woods who eats similarly to me. I know there have to be some, somewhere, I just need to find them!

I usually try to eat an ancestral diet, but typically do really poorly on the weekends or at my 2nd job (a banquet server/bartender on Wed/Fri/Sat). I'm also a binge eater... regardless of whether it is ancestral or not I will shovel food down my gullet until I might be sick (who knew that could happen with pork chops!). I am also trying to committ more to a local Crossfit but getting to their scheduled classes when a 70 work week is the norm can be difficult. Lots of things I need to improve, but I decided to start with nutrition first! I KNOW from past experience eating well helps me feel marvelous and that's what counts!

So, here I am... both feet in! I look forward to perusing and using the forums! :)


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