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Started 4/2/13


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So this is technically day 3. Being a true carnivore at heart I have found that I am enjoying this life change more than I thought I would per all the information. I do enjoy grains and dairy though so I do miss those. Sweets were never an issue for me so I am waiting to see if I start to crave them as my 30 progresses. The only significant change I have seen so far is that I regularly have horrible sleep and last night I slept a solid 12 hours. Not sure if I was getting caught up or if it was the diet changes. Normally I get 5-7 hours tops and couldn't force myself to sleep more no matter what. So getting 12 was a huge thing for me. I am not overly tired, cranky or feel hunger of any sort yet. I do find I am craving my pre and post workout meals though which so far consist of a can of sardines or other smoked fish for my pre. This has great protein and fats. For my post I have been eating 1-2 patties of lean ground turkey or beef, no carbs or fat. I went with lean as I did not buy organic or pasture fed, otherwise I would have chose a higher fat content within the meat. I look forward to my remaining days on the program and plan to carry over the lessons learned for life!

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