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Day9 - first blog post


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Here we are at day 9 and surviving. I say we because my husband has joined me on the journey.

Meals have been mostly great (a few that didn't "fly" with the family).

We survived our 1st weekend without alcohol. It wasn't fun, but on the trade-off we felt great. We had the energy to do everything we needed to do this weekend. We even woke for church, and took the kids to lunch after (we stayed whole30).

It is odd to be ready for bed at such an early time.

Big changes so far, not feeling sore in the mornings. I feel rested. By day 4 we stopped hitting snooze.

For my husband, no night sweats.

Day 8 and today, I was still a little sleepy, physically tired (makes sense with all the extra physical work we did over the weekend). I am not up to working out at the gym yet. Is this normal? We did go for a 4 mile bike ride last night, and that was okay.

All of the cooking takes so much time, but my husband has helped by handling breakfast a few times. I am not a fan of eggs, but have found ways to make it palatable.

I am glad to be here and learn new ways to make this work for us.

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