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Praise God for all coconut products

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Thanks to coconut and its amazingly healthful properties and delicious taste I believe even after my 30, which I now believe I will extend to 60, I will not go back to cow's milk/dairy. I will try it during the reintroduction phase but honestly even if I find I have zero issues with it I will probably not make it a part of my typical eating habits. I have long been a subscriber to the thought of once an animal or human has been weaned there is no need to return to mothers milk, of any species, but that is off topic. I have in the past been a huge milk user (kind of contradictory I know). Since beginning to use Coconut milk, butter & oil, I firmly believe I have no use for cow's milk anymore. Coconut oil makes eggs better, cocnut milk makes coffee delicious and coconut flakes make crispy shrimp amazing. I have barely broken the tip of the iceberg on its uses and am totally in love with anything from that delicious ball of goodness called the coconut! In the future I will still have my rare and once in a blue moon treats of ice cream, cheese on something or whatever but my day to day will be covered in Coconut!

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