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Day 1: May 6th start of the Whole30


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Hi, today is my first day of the Whole30! I have been kind of Paleo for a year, trying to stay away from grains as much as possible. Dairy and sugar have been my issue and that is the main reason why I want to try the Whole30. I need to kick my dairy and sugar problem! When I say Dairy, I am referring to cheese, I do not drink Milk and haven't for over a year.

My 58 year mother is also doing the Whole30 with me as well.

Day 1:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs over lump crabmeat and asparagus (ate out) with black coffee

Snack: cashew nuts and a larabar (road trip and traffic, I know the bar isn't really Whole30 but the ingredients were dates, cashews and dried cherries)

Lunch: mixed greens, peppers, onions, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots - olive oil and vinegar (ate out)

Dinner: marinaded chicken breast kebobs and drumsticks. Marinade: chili powder, cayene, garlic, lime, chiptole pepper powder, cumin, corriander and lime juice) cooked on the BBQ.

Cole Slaw (cabbage, carrots, red onion - sauce: green onions, cilantro, serrano pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar).

Exercise: day off

Today was a traveling day and the larabar really bothered me but what can you do. it was the best choice i could make at the moment and that's what life is about, making the right choices.

Day 2 will be better!

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Good Luck!

Day 2 is going well so far:

Bfast: tried the coconut milk from the can in my coffee - was really good! had a 1 yolk and 3 whites omelet with scallions, tomato, onions all cooked in CO. half a cup of berries.

Snack: handful of pecans and carrots sticks

lunch: will be leftovers from last night (chicken, onions and peppers) plus a sweet potatoe b/c i am working out before lunch (weights today).

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Nice, meal 1 for me was 4 eggs, half an avocado, 1/2 tbsp coconut oil to cook eggs in and broccoli.

Snack was handful of mixed nuts (no peanuts), and kombucha.

Nighttime is always my biggest struggle. No turning back though, commitment made.

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