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Whole 60 Complete


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Good day,

I completed my Whole 60 sometime this week.

What didn't work:

*I accidentally ingested some corn starch a little bit of cheese that got stuck on a grape.

*I probably ate too much fruit - i.e. pineapple

*I struggled to get 8 hours of sleep consistently.

*Been eating too late - i.e. after 8 pm because I always exercise first.

What did work:

*All my food was sugar free

*I had a very good form of coconut milk.

POST Whole 60:

I gave myself permission to eat junk food for 3 days after my Whole 60. Given how I have felt after 2 days, I don't think I am doing that again. The cost to my energy and well-being was too high this time around.

I was wondering how many iterations of Whole 30 I would have to go through before I discovered that the cost of eating junk food (i.e. the cost to my energy and well-being) was too high. Apparently, not very many rounds.

Even when I ate gourmet, gluten free chocolate (which tasted heavenly), I was sick as a dog after the first day. The indigestion was so bad that I wished I could just throw it all up so that I could feel better. I ate chocolate in moderation the 2nd day, and it still made me sick but not as sick.

I definitely feel bloated. And, I don't have the satisfied full, healthy feeling. I am exhausted. It almost feels like I have inflammation in my fingers. If this is the impact of sugar and unhealthy food, no wonder why I used to be so tired. No wonder why so many Americans are tired. Sheesh!

If anyone tells me, ever again, that chocolate is healthy for you I am going to bop them!!

I can now get why they say something like - "why would you use junky food to reward yourself?" That makes so much sense now.

Chocolate may taste heavenly, but it sure can do a number on the body. From a recovered chocoholic.


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I forgot to mention that my energy finally spiked on Sat.

I attribute that to a few things:

*Being gluten free for 90 days.

*Having done a Whole 30 and then a Whole 60 (the two were interrupted by a couple of days of junk food).

*Giving myself Reiki.

Okay, now I am going to go take a nap. Hopefully, this weekend, my body will recover from all the crap I put into it.


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