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  1. I definitely stay away from salads because I would get sick of eating them all the time. I have to venture into making Italian dressing so I eat them more often though. I do eat a lot of cole slaw (recipe was in the whole30 book. Don't remember if it's the regular or cookbook though). Eggroll in a bowl is another favorite that I eat a lot. I have noticed that this round I haven't gotten rid of the aches in my joints as much as the first attempt. So been double checking my ingredients as I use them to make sure nothing has snuck in. Might have to go past 30 to get the benefits I did before. Time will tell I guess
  2. Keeping the way we eat shouldnt have to be a secret. Its all healthy food, so why do people look at us like we're aliens? Having a partner in life to support your decision to eat this way takes LOADS of stress off. I've been reading too many posts about unsupportive spouses, families and friends (can't say I'm immune to those last ones, either), which is sad, as they should be our biggest cheer leaders!
  3. Day 15....Where did everyone go? Had a family reunion on Saturday and knew it would be a challenge finding something to eat. Luckily a veggie and fruit plate were there (though no compliant meat. I'll fix that one next year. Lol) Best of a bad situation. It surprisingly kept me from the cake, chips and rice krisky bars. Tomorrow (if on schedule) we can look forward to Tiger Blood!
  4. Day 3 everyone! @PinkBananas ....I hear you on knowing we're "not supposed" to focus on losing weight. I think it's gonna be a great perk! For me, I'm also, in the back of my mind think if I don't low I'm doing something wrong. @AbbieP....I haven't tried making the mayo yet. I was thinking the ketchup would be a good one to try. Wtg on finding a compliant "go to" place in a pinch! @JulieM48 .....what seasonings did you use for the tomato sauce? @mpass .......How are things going with you? I definitely need to meal prep. Sounds like a life saver (we never have much for leftovers it seems). Any advice?
  5. I started yestrrday. This will be my 3rd attempt to finish a Whole30 (sneaky ingredients ) round. Yesterday was good but, as it says in the book, I feel like I have the worst hangover. The headache is terrible! Trying to find the energy to throw food together to cook it for supper. I know I haven't eaten enough so far today. A banana for breakfast and a couple carrots for lunch. Not too hungry (headache is making me sick to my stomach) I'm thinking chicken and taters
  6. Changed my start date to tomorrow (5/29).
  7. Starting tomorrow....forgot what weekend thus was.... (and messed up on dates)
  8. I'm starting the 28th. This will be my third try (sneaky ingredients killed my first 2). Mind if I join you here though?
  9. I'm going to remind myself of this one also....I know it's not a substitute for salty, crunchy things......but when you feel the need to snack, drink a glass of water. I know, for myself, I don't get enough water. For hubby, i 2nd the advice for researching compliant foods at restaurants. If he goes to the same ones, it'll help make things easier the more he goes.
  10. Congrats on starting your journey! And cudos to your hubby for joining you. Need more info for where the problem might be for staying on plan at work? For instance, lunch meetings? Work at fast food? Etc?
  11. I'm not new to this Whole30.....though I am new to FINISHING a Whole30. Tried twice. I'm going for round 3. I re-read one of my posts about how I felt (dang pickles got me on day 27!), and I'm SO looking forward to not aching or being constantly tired! I picked the 28th because it'll take me that long to re-read the book, get compliant food in....and get past the wedding cake I have to make! That is my last excuse for waiting (have other events but will be compliant for those!) So I day at a time!
  12. @kirkor.....thanks for that! I printed it out and it's definitely gonna be my go-to when I want something I know I shouldnt.
  13. You haven't added anything in? I love this woe also but sometimes want non compliant food. I know it won't taste as good as my brain thinks it will, but all the same, need to do it til the brain finally admits defeat. I'm with you on the doing this my whole life though. Wtg on the nsv AND scale victories!
  14. Thank you everyone for the support. @rgill.....the rules are the rules. If I hadn't found out that would be one thing, but I did. I can't claim doing Whole30 knowing that I had eaten something noncompliant. @MargretB this has disappointed me more than anyone can know. But my reaction (and consequent reaction....I ate a candy bar) also proves I need to restart. That I haven't kicked the true emotional eating portion which makes me wonder what else might have snuck in, ingredients wise. My husband and I will be much more vigil from now on
  15. Milwaukee's baby dill pickles and potassium metabisulfate