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  1. I'm not new to this Whole30.....though I am new to FINISHING a Whole30. Tried twice. I'm going for round 3. I re-read one of my posts about how I felt (dang pickles got me on day 27!), and I'm SO looking forward to not aching or being constantly tired! I picked the 28th because it'll take me that long to re-read the book, get compliant food in....and get past the wedding cake I have to make! That is my last excuse for waiting (have other events but will be compliant for those!) So I day at a time!
  2. @kirkor.....thanks for that! I printed it out and it's definitely gonna be my go-to when I want something I know I shouldnt.
  3. You haven't added anything in? I love this woe also but sometimes want non compliant food. I know it won't taste as good as my brain thinks it will, but all the same, need to do it til the brain finally admits defeat. I'm with you on the doing this my whole life though. Wtg on the nsv AND scale victories!
  4. Thank you everyone for the support. @rgill.....the rules are the rules. If I hadn't found out that would be one thing, but I did. I can't claim doing Whole30 knowing that I had eaten something noncompliant. @MargretB this has disappointed me more than anyone can know. But my reaction (and consequent reaction....I ate a candy bar) also proves I need to restart. That I haven't kicked the true emotional eating portion which makes me wonder what else might have snuck in, ingredients wise. My husband and I will be much more vigil from now on
  5. Milwaukee's baby dill pickles and potassium metabisulfate
  6. Well, it's been fun yall, but this is the end of the road for me. I unknowingly have been eating pickles with non compliant it's restart for me. So instead of next weekend going out to eat, I plan on going out to eat tomorrow night with hubby to celebrate how far I did come on this journey. So, stay strong everyone and I'll be back on track and paying closer attention this next round!
  7. Can you believe it? Only 7 days left! Though it's not over, I've thought back to the beginning. I don't have nearly the aches and pains I did starting out. Still have some "bad" days, but not as bad or as many. Sleep? Can't believe how much better I sleep....and all without prescription sleeping pills (and I wake up earlier and WIDE awake). And I also no longer need my depression meds. I know it says this WOE can help with those issues but I never truly believed it. (No, I'm not suggesting others quit their meds. This is what worked me). My reason for having a couple "old days" type eating? 1. I know that those will be some of the foods I "thought" I was missing 2. (For me) I don't think 30 days was enough to create a lifetime of healthy thinking/choices when it comes to food. Stay strong everyone! We got this!
  8. I don't have a reintroduction plan. I'm going out to eat w/my hubby (which will include deep Fried shrimp and french fries). Then the following day gonna plug through another round of Whole30. Then maybe work on a reintroduction. Maybe during round 2 I can finish the books. Lol
  9. Before someone thinks I posted that about them, it was a reminder to myself that I can't do those things. Shakes and smoothies might not create cravings for others, but for me I noticed fruit makes me want to snack. I like discussions, and having someone post a question makes me research it...and for me further plants the rules in my brain. I want to thank everyone for being here and for support in this amazing/interesting journey
  10. It should be noted: while smoothies are technically compliant for Whole30, they aren’t encouraged. Why? Well, eating a meal sends a different signal to your body than drinking a meal – your body won’t feel as full consuming a smoothie. Plus, with all that fruit, most smoothies can set off your sugar cravings in a way that’s best avoided. Ultimately, it’s your call. Just be careful with these things! If you find yourself feeling hungry shortly after consuming a smoothie and find the fruit sugar setting you off, smoothies might be best avoided. From the Whole30 book, pg 95..... "If the ingredients are all compiant, why can't I have baked goods or treats".....Long answer: the whole30 is about changing the behaviors that led you to persistent cravings, unhealthy emotional relationships w/food, and feeling out of control w/your food choices "Shouldn't it be up to me to decide what's off-limits?" ......"We created the program rules, and those rules specifically state that certain foods are off limits, and this is the program to which you committed. Signing up for Whole30 and then complaining about the rules is like joining a soccer team and getting mad you can't use your hands"
  11. I can't believe I made it 20 days! Usually by now I would have given up. And usually given in to food boredom. But I'm loving the food options and ideas the books give. My next book purchases will be "It starts with food" and "Food Freedom Forever". Stay strong everyone!
  12. I've finally been able to eat 3 meals. Yahoo! I have noticed I sleep and wake up better. Still loving the food recipes from Whole30 books. I try not to eat fruit every day but love that I can have some if I want. I miss coffee though (can't drink it black). Proud of myself that I was at the grocery store and passed by the donuts, sample pizza and same cinnamon rolls. I want to try the ketchup recipe and some salad dressing. Hope you all have a good weekend and stay strong!
  13. @eatspinraverepea just the green smoothie. Then about 3 hours later the eggs. I can't get the hang of 3 meals. Supper is the only one I can wrap my head around the veggie,protein and definitely have to work on the fat part too. I need to do more reading. Lol
  14. I know drinking your meal isn't recommended but thought I would give it a try so I can try and get more veggies in. I put about a cup of kale/spinach/arugula mix plus a half banana,couple of strawberries and a couple blackberries (won't add those next time, I don't think they're needed with the banana) and about a cup of coconut water. I know, too much at once. I then ate some scrambled eggs for lunch. I think burgers for supper and not sure about what kind of veggies yet. Stay strong everyone!
  15. It was low heat. First time around I did it according to the book on med heat and no problem. 2nd time low heat and explosion. 3rd time med heat and alls good.