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  1. It's been a couple days since I've checked in. It just dawned on me I had It Works greens (not w30 compliant) on Tuesday. I had a major headache and couldn't think straight. I wanted chicken noodle soup and ginger ale because I felt so sick. thats it for this attempt. I'll be staying compliant for the remainder of the time, but can't count this as a success. My next restart wont be until probably the end of september. This group is awesome! Keep up the great work!
  2. @amandamay83....I was going to post pretty much the same as @Karen L. I also need to lose about (now) 40 is pounds and tend to binge on foods I want to eliminate. Tell me something I cant have something and I'll eat a crap load of it before "giving it up". This is my 2nd round of w30. What's been working for me is 1. Telling myself it's for my own good. I need to get (so eat) healthier 2. It's "only" 30 days. Stick to it! You can do it. One day at a steps
  3. @amandamay83.....please stay with us! Proud of your honesty and starting fresh rather than adding on @Karen L.....I hate grocery shopping because of all the time spent reading labels. And what was comliant last week might not be next. Wish I had an easy answer for breakfast. I'm still working on that myself I wasn't home for lunch today so ended up missing a meal. I don't know how to work this when I'm not home, it's poor planning on my part. Usually I'm not hungry and don't realise I've missed the meal
  4. Someone posted this on a Facebook website and I thought it was important to post it here. I figure I might not be the only one that needs a reminder of these
  5. Making clarified butter and tomato juice
  6. Just going to repost again. Helps to see where I'm at (or close to). I'm once again having a problem eating breakfast (not hungry). So I force myself to eat a couple pieces of side pork, a spoonfull of potatoes and a couple nuts. I know, it's not enough. But I'm working on it. I also am back to not being able to sleep worth a crap. No energy, super tired but can't fall asleep. Getting about 5-6 hours at least of sleep so better than nothing. Off to grocery shop! Have a great weekend!
  7. I think there's something in the book about claiming food allergies when you don't actually have them. There's also a post about it.
  8. @Yuliya....try kombucha @amandamay83....sorry to hear the derailment. Mine was on day 20.....then day 7....and finally got through my round. "Each program builds on the last and brings a greater range and depth of awareness when you reintroduce. Commit to treating every program like it’s your first, because unless you’ve lived 100% Whole30 between your last program and this second one, it kind of is like starting all over again."
  9. I'm sorry. I seem to come across as harsh and I really don't mean to. I forget everyone isn't the "kick in the pants" type people and need encouragement more than correction. The fact that you were trying to plan ahead WAS a great idea. I also forget that everyone isn't like me (prefers being home to going shopping or parties. Doesn't travel. Etc) and isn't always home to fix meals. "Insecure about my abilities to plan and eat healthy".....sounds like something I would say! I'm one that has tried everything under the sun (including a weight loss plan my sister and mom lost tons of weight on) and hasn't lost anything on them. So yes, W30 was another "I'll give it a try but it won't work" and also "I gave Atkins 2 weeks, I can give W30 their 30 days". YOU CAN DO THIS!
  10. Just a reminder of some of the things that Whole 30 can help with....
  11. Day 3.......Did you all remember to "hide" the scale? I know for a fact I started out (last time) thinking "I can stay off it, no problem" and then towards the end of the 30 was tempted because I "felt" thinner. But I also know myself enough to know if I had stepped on it and it hadn't gone down I'd have been so bummed out I'd have just thrown in the towel and eaten junk. Don't forget your water!
  12. @SnappySue......just stick with us and then keep going a couple days
  13. I don't buy it. I make my own clarified butter. Super simple
  14. Sorry, didn't see your post before writing mine. If you have the book, check out pg 57. Some will say no. Some will say yes. Only you can decide how you want to interpret what they're saying and what you want to get out of the W30
  15. "It is not hard. Don't you dare tell us this is hard" "If you're the kind who responds well to tough love (for which the Whole30 is famous), this line was written for you" I need tough love. No "you didn't know so don't restart". No "its just one bite".