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  1. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @ShannonM816....I havent been hungry and haven't managed 3 meals. So that probably is the reason for the headache. I just can't stand the thought of food in the morning. I like the w30 concept I just can't seem to get more than 1 meal in a day. I've tried smaller meals (lunch and supper) but still can't do breakfast.
  2. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I've got the usual headache that comes for me around this time in the w30. Last time I tried the r2 I gave up after having the headache for 3 days. Determined to get through this round! Got our grocery shopping done so we're all set for the week! Hope everyone's Saturday is going good!
  3. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I brew my own kombucha also. Today so far is good. I hate black coffee but I hate caffeine withdrawal headaches even worse. Egg roll in a bowl for supper tonight. Spaghetti squash and meatballs tomorrow night. I can't wait for the good night sleep that's (hopefully) coming. I am working on getting more water drank during the day. I know I'm not drinking nearly enough. Hope everyone had a great w30 day!
  4. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I have to keep reminding myself of some of the rules of W30: No drinking my veggies (so no smoothies).....Larabars and such are for emergencies only (gotta preplan if possible when being out and about)......drink a LOT more water than I had been........any slip (even miniscule or unintentional) means game over (so be vigilant on ingredients! )
  5. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I like to post this as a reminder for what to expect.....
  6. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Day 2! Did good yesterday but felt like I was starving. I'm figuring I didn't eat enough. I'm usually not hungry in the morning so it's hard to get breakfast in. Today I had a couple bites of steak and about 10 leftover carrot sticks (with clarified butter on them). Tomorrow I plan on getting some hamburger so I can make egg roll in a bowl and some meatballs. Easy stuff to throw in the mic for breakfast. Not really an egg person (I like them they just don't seem to fill me up). Have a great day (2) everyone!
  7. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Day 1 for me also. Doing round 2 (2nd attempt) though. Took me 3 times to get R1 done the right way. I had been eating pretty clean but the past 3 weeks it's been nothing but junk. Gained 11 pounds, whole body aches, sleep sucks and I have zero energy. SO looking forward to better health!
  8. October 1st-Ready, Set...

    Feel free to try and get everyone together on one post!
  9. October 1st-Ready, Set...

    I thought 10/1 was I won't actually start until tomorrow but will stay with you on this post
  10. October 1st-Ready, Set...

    Not looking forward to caffeine and sugar withdrawals.....but looking forward to feeling healthy!
  11. Welcome! I'm a sugar and carb addict that has tried numerous diets. I've attempted 2 rounds before successfully completing one. Busted on my 2nd attempt for a R2. My new attempt is 10/1
  12. whole 30 start

    Sunday is Sept 30th. Monday is Oct. 1st. I'm starting then.....Welcome!
  13. October 1st-Ready, Set...

    5 days and counting....have to go shopping before Monday.
  14. October 1st 1st Day of the Rest of my Life

    I'm on R2 starting 10/1. Feel free to jump to the thread I started "October 1st....Ready, Set..." My best advice: pay close attention to ingredients in things you buy. It's what's done me in countless ( succeeded on my 3rd try for R1. Busted on my first attempt at R2 Welcome both of you to W30!