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  1. OK. Thank you so much
  2. Is that a yes for compliant or a no? Just wondering the same
  3. I can't find the newsletter either. I'm on R1D5 and we'll just overwhelmed. Not hungry just overwhelmed
  4. I was concentrating so much on my chicken and my zoodles that I totally forgot to had fats Sure didn't sleep well at all I'm on day 4
  5. I'm attempting zoodle tonight with chicken (parm) of course no cheese and no breading.
  6. I know crazy. Good luck.
  7. Good luck. I'm way over my head. Prepping won't last in my house with an 18yr son and 20yr daughter they will just use my prep. So I have to make everything like I always do when it's time to eat. I've always been a label reader but limiting things not cutting out Some of my items are compliant in my pantry. Good luck
  8. N
  9. Wow great. Thank you
  10. That's true and so crazy Thanks
  11. My issue is more what to have chicken besides sweet potatoes at night since quinoa, rice and pasta are out
  12. Funny I have that almond milk in my fridge but didn't think it was compliant. I am a real newbie. Thanks. Now I'll use it in my coffee.
  13. Today for lunch I made sweet potato toast and put tuna and celery over it
  14. Yes, I am on my phone thank you for the link
  15. Thank you. Thats what I need a list of additives. I don't see a link