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  1. This little gem was just delivered. I ordered it from Walmart last week. It doesn't have the milk disclaimer. I also HAD to open it to smell the butter. No crazy smells. To me, some ghee smells weird. This one fortunately didn't have any weird smell; nor did the Trader Joe's.
  2. I bought some at Trader Joe's this weekend, and was surprised by the "contains milk" disclaimer too. Here is the label. Is this compliant?
  3. I bought a bottle of Organic Chili Powder and the ingredients include "Tri-calcium Phosphate." Yes, I've googled. Yes, I've searched Whole30. Can a moderator tell me if this ingredient is compliant? Thank you. Matt
  4. I have a store near me called Natural Grocers and they carry compliant Pederson's no sugar added bacon (it even has the whole30 logo on it - so its easy to spot).
  5. But I don't speak Maltese
  6. The consumer affairs office of Reily Foods didn't know of any distinction either. She told me Comino is the Spanish Version of Cumin, but didn't know what that meant. Meh, okay. I'm tired of trying to figure it out. I'll accept that it is Cumin even though I hate too.... I'm WAY TOO ANALYTICAL (which I think is a good attribute for my Whole30 program). Alright. Enjoy the day! Matt
  7. I know, I didn't believe my mother at first that the packet was compliant. Thanks for your help. ---------- Does anyone know... Is there some distinction between Comino and Cumin, anybody know? If Cumin is Comino, then why did they put Comino on the package instead of Cumin. Pretty odd. I speak Spanish and English, and no other words on the package are in Spanish.
  8. My mom brought over a pack of Wick Fowler's All Natural Taco Seasoning Mix. It looks whole30 compliant save one ingredient, Comino. I don't know what Comino is or if it is whole30 compliant. Does someone know?