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  1. Ryenday

    Day 1 april 21

    I wish you the best of luck! Similar to you, my motivation wasn't as obvious as yours is, but my health is definitely not where I want it, so I'm hoping this will help! Coffee Tip: use 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon in the coffee beans, or my favourite 1/4 tsp vanilla powder or a vanilla bean with the coffee grounds. I find it helps kill any bitter coffee taste and is yummy.
  2. I'll have to try your way of making stew! My mom's stew (all I ever made til this past week) was dredge stew meat in flour and brown in oil in dutch oven. Then add frozen green peas. An hour later add fresh potato, carrots, onions, celery (or one could just add potato and carrots, and separately saute celery and onions to be added later for a different more 'veggie sweet' flavour) Stir, and if liquid needed (sometimes it is) add beef broth. This make a very hearty beefy, and very thick stew. I see no reason not to try to tweak the flour thickener, as I LOVE this stew, and am hopeful that post Whole30 my reintroduction of green peas goes smoothly. BUT, this is a great time to see if there are OTHER stews I can love. THINKING ALOUD, SKIP UNLESS INTERESTED... One oddity, I am not a fan of beef and tomatoes together. And I've never liked mushrooms (don't hate them, but Whole30 plan seems to be urging me to foods I DO love that are nutritious) so it looks like my ingredients (especially lacking peas) are going to be liquid light. Perhaps zucchinis where you add tomatoes, and celery where you add mushrooms and done as you direct might make a yummy. My stew spices are minimal - a hint of red pepper flakes and pepper is all I use usually. Do you brown the meat before you throw it in the crock?
  3. Very happily, I live a 3 minute drive, or a nice 25 minute walk from a national spice warehouse. My husband was just saying this weekend that our spice shelf (four plastic baskets filled with spice pouches) and 3 spice racks contents would probably up to 75 years ago only been available to the Bill Gates type wealthy folk. So, I make my own spice rubs, - sounds like George Foreman grill is in my future. My favourite veggie specific spice: (and one I rarely see mentioned in recipes etc. is Celery. Ground Celery, Celery seed, and/or Celery salt - any or all of the above. Funny, I don't like raw Celery (altho, of course celery sauted with onions and carrots is a necessity in so many things I love) but it is probably in my top 5 spices overall, and certainly #2 for veggies. (Everything is better with freshly ground Pepper, the #1 spice, imo)
  4. Ryenday

    Day 1 april 21

    To reply to this message, this specific portion of the message, on Windows computer I highlighted this portion of your post and a grey "Quote This" hover box appeared. I clicked it and it opened up this reply box with your text quoted. Is this what you wanted to know?
  5. Ryenday

    Day 1 april 21

    My day 7 as well Unfortunately I have nothing really to note successwise for myself - aches and pains, arthritis, gut, skin - all seem status quo. Actually my skin is a bit worse possibly, I'm breaking out and have several pimples. This is kinda embarrassing for a middle age woman. But, on the positive, I can do this. I KNOW it is healthier for me and I'm certain I can do it for the full 30. Good on you for navigating the evening! Keep it up, we have 23 days left!
  6. Tried roasting some Zucchini tonight. It was good, but probably should cut it thicker than I did due to the more gummy inside consistency. I should have added onions to the Zucchini, but was in a hurry and didn't think. Do you think it is worth it to get a GF grill? I don't have one, but if it gets more veggies in me, I guess it would be a worthwhile kitchen investment.
  7. Ok, I certainly have more variety in my diet than that! WOW, I have a high tolerance for repetitive food (I had no problem eating my stew (pre Whole30 version) for instance for lunch and dinner 3 or 4 days running) but could never even imagine what you did there. So, while I wouldn't say I'm "all set" - this is a challenge, if not a challenge on the 'climb Mt. Everest type" still it is taking thought, resolve and preparation to eat as many veggies as this plan calls for and NOT eat the ones that taste like poisonous bitters to me. Let's just say I'm still in the questionable zone, but holding strong.
  8. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your tips, 85MotherOf4AK - I have an egg sensitivity (if not downright allergy) so those are out, and peppers, I agree the coloreds are more palatable than the green ones but they all have that objectionable taste to one degree. I've begun to believe that not everyone can taste it because otherwise they would recognize it too. But, yes, squash is one of my mainstays. I pan fry them like hashbrowns all the time, usually with celery salt and garlic and pepper, but I'll have to venture out a bit. Your stew suggestion is fascinating to me, my thickener of choice pre Whole30 was wheat flour, and I tried my first Whole30 stew with almond flour but that was not very good. I'm also missing peas which were a strong flavourant in my stew, so I need some good ideas to try! Thanks again, I appreciate the encouragement!
  9. Wow, soxmom, it looks like you have a wonderful relationship with veggies! I envy it. Forcing the veggies is hard, to be Whole30 compliant I'm eating 2 portions of veggies compared to everything else, and I just feel like crying when I have to figure out the veggies for a given meal. Tonight is going to be the easiest day yet, tho, because I'm going to have my one weekly baked potato (white). This starch dense veggie and I have a messed up relationship, and whenever I have dieted in the past that has been the first must go. I decided that since this isn't a DIET, and, that maybe, since the food is whole30 compliant, just maybe moderation might work where abstaining just made me want it more. I have not found any veggies that I like that I didn't know about yet, so I'm on a short list. Of the veggies that taste like bitter poisonous dirt to me, Bell peppers, which my husband added to a meaty dish I made, still taste awful to me, but they are the only ones I've tried. Ironically, brocolli, which I've always liked now tastes amazing to me when I add a bit of clarified butter to its preparation. lol.
  10. Ryenday

    Day 1 april 21

    Wow, me too. Day 4 and I got the headache this evening that is whomping me. - argh. I've had a real mix of recipe failure/successes, tonight's chicken (a brand new recipe) was a huge hit with husband, and I had not even thought he'd have any, so there goes tomorrow's lunch leftovers, lol I'm going to have to do some work tomorrow to figure out how to plan meals for Wednesday, I won't be able to make it home at all, and will need to bring lunch (and snack back-ups) with me at a minimum.
  11. Ryenday

    Day 1 april 21

    Hey judy, I did the same thing as you, I started today because I didn't see any reason to wait til monday. Like you, I can pass up on sweets without a problem generally (altho I'm still trying to come up with a coleslaw recipe I really like with out honey in it) but cheese - ouch. Good luck to you, might see you around given we both started on the same day
  12. Ryenday

    Failed Mayo 101

    Thank you, that is helpful. I'll try the Avocado Oil mayo, Chipotle would not work for my uses, but I suppose it might be interesting to try in new recipes or when I'm feeling adventurous. . After the third fail, with no clue why - I followed all instructions, and watched a video, and mine just stayed liquid - I'm done. My husband will try once tomorrow as a favor to me but if he doesn't manage it then we are just going to have to give it up, it is simply wasteful especially as I have not a clue why I just get liquid but everyone writes "it is so easy". One of the recipes was titled something like 'fail-proof mayo' LOL, NOT. I don't have any friends who make their own Mayo, LOL - my friends are impressed when I baked cookies not from a premade store dough - I'm pretty sure one of my close friends has never even opened her oven door since she moved into her her place.
  13. Wow, that is all new to me, thanks very much for the info. I will be googling super taster and bitter vegetables, but until your post, I hadn't a clue it was a "thing". I drive my husband to distraction with my intense reactions to things that seem like bitter dirt (and frankly taste to me as if they should be poisonous) but are things he loves to cook with. Thank heavens I DO like the taste of broccoli, that is my staple veggie - steamed with nothing extra, smothered in clarified butter and garlic, and today, as a Guacamole dip dunker. In ironic news, my husband says even the smell of broccoli steamed in the microwave makes him gag. But I've made a new list - I've not tried butternut squash, so maybe I'll be able to eat that with a yummy tomato sauce. I liked eggplant at the Japanese grill restaurant, so I'll try to find out how to prepare that on my stovetop. Okra's texture puts me off, but I never minded the taste, so maybe I can find a way to cook that so I'll like it. But, anyways, I appreciate your help
  14. Ryenday

    Failed Mayo 101

    After 3 home made mayo fails (three slightly different recipes, stick blender and all I have is a very greasy soupy yellow liquid that isn't good for anything I want to make), I have to give making this up because I can not afford to keep wasting these ingredients. My 3 local grocery marts do not have any mayonnaise that qualifies for the diet - all have sugar in the ingredient list. Getting to a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods is a possibility, but will take at least an hour commute which I don't wish to waste if they don't have something I can use. Is there a mayonnaise I might be able to buy at one of these stores that is compliant? Or am I out of luck? I'm pretty happy making most everything else, and have come up with some nifty things to eat, but some basics I would like, like home made coleslaw, are impossible unless I have a reliable and compliant mayo source. Any suggestions where I might be able to purchase some mayo that is Whole30 compliant?
  15. Thanks so much for the encouragement. You do sound like me on your tastes! As for the veggies, I've been thinking give myself a couple of weeks on known veggies I like (and I forgot to put cabbage on that list, mmm some homemade coleslaw (after I make the mayo, lol) with lots of pepper, that might make something that is palatable to me in the A.M.) then try the veggies that tasted bittery poisonous to me one at a time. Maybe I'll have changed? I can't imagine voluntarily eating a Brussels sprout, asparagus or bitter leafy green, but I guess I won't know til I try later on and see if they taste any better to me. Thank the heavens for broccoli and tomatoes. So versatile and great ingredients.