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  1. Day 30!! I'm so proud I could burst. I've planned out my structured reintroduction and will stick to a Paleo-centric diet moving forward. I actually had an appointment with a nutritionist the other day (appointment scheduled pre-Whole30 through my reproductive endocrinologists office) and she was super impressed with my diet and loved that I will be sticking with no gluten and little to no dairy, something she recommends to all of her patients. It was nice to get in person feedback from an expert and some guidance on a post Whole30 diet. I can't wait for my weigh in and measurements tomorrow morning....and Im REALLY looking forward to floating in the pool with an alcoholic beverage and reveling in my awesomeness
  2. Nothing beats the ninja! @C. Page I had a "nightmare" last night that I ate something non compliant. I was devastated to have to start over on Day 25. I was SO relieved when I woke up and realized it was just a dream! 5 days to go everyone, whoooohooo!!!!!! How is everything planning on handling the reintroduction phase? Im torn between following the plan exactly in the book and just trying things as they come up.
  3. That does stink! With only 6 days to go I think Im going to miss the rules and rigidity of the program. Something I did NOT think I would be saying lol. I am very interested to see what foods I might reintroduce to my diet and what will be no-no's. We're almost there ladies!
  4. We're almost there!! Hard to believe this journey is almost over. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past 20 days. Not just food wise either. For the first time in as long as I can remember I have energy. I'm exercising daily, I'm constantly on the go, Im on a normal schedule, I'm sleeping well and waking up feeling rested. Had some great food this week. Made the most amazing pulled pork. If you search Smashed Plantain Pulled Pork Sliders on Pinterest you'll find it. Also had Chili Lime Taco Fish Bowls with Citrus Crema (also courtesy of Pinterest). The Crema is out.of.this.world. delicious. Also made a tasty gazpacho, one of my all time favorite summer dishes and I found a recipe for Ranch that doesnt use coconut milk (didnt care for the coconut milk recipe). First I made my own almond milk then added it to homemade mayo, red wine vinegar, and a bunch of spices and I swear it tastes like totally authentic ranch.
  5. @kalsjourney Im in the same boat, if I dont see more positive changes with my frame of mind and thoughts toward and about food I will be extending my Whole30. I LOVED yoga. Ive practiced before at home with free amazon prime videos but I was super nervous to take a class and embarrass myself but it was awesome. Definitely making it a permanent part of my routine.
  6. @kalsjourney One of my worst eating habits was my late night binge eating. I still struggle to not eat after dinner. Even if Im not hungry or craving food I think about eating and get anxious that I'll get a craving I wont be able to control and I will eat all the food. It really is hard work untangling ourselves from our bad habits. I can't believe that we are officially half way through!! Ive added some more workout routines to my schedule and attended my first yoga class tonight. While I feel great I'm so jealous of those of you who have noticeable weight loss. I knew significant weight loss was unlikely as I found out my thyroid meds needed to be increased right before we started and I may not be taking the correct dose. I cant get to down though I know weight loss is only one of the measures of success
  7. Do it! I was nervous as well but it was so stinking easy. Put it in the crock pot on low for 8 hours with some chopped onions, garlic, a bay leaf and covered with water. Then took it out (discard the rest) let it cool for a few minutes and peel the outer skin off. Then I chopped it up and tossed it in the skillet with some butter and seasoned it like I would taco meat. It got a nice crust and was finger licking good.
  8. @kalsjourney welcome to our motley crew Can't believe we are already at day 13! I thought this would be the longest month of my life, Its hard to believe how quickly time is ticking by! Wanted to offer a food tip. Im making grilled hamburger with portabella bun and grilled veggies and I REALLY wanted some ketchup but the "official" whole30 recipe didnt appeal to me so I took to Pinterest and found Ryan Wilder’s Wicked Easy Paleo Ketchup just got done making it (I added a bay leaf while cooking and salt at the end) and omg so good just like store bought but healthy. Have a question for those of you who are active/exercise. How important is it to add an extra meal after exercise? I'm trying to be less sedentary which for now is swimming and pool exercises in the late morning/early afternoon a few times a week. I'm eating a starchy veg for breakfast and lunch but havent added an extra meal, although I definitely ate more for lunch then normal. I typically eat breakfast around 10:30-11 and lunch at 2:30-3. Im at the pool from around 11:30-2 and swimming/exercising most of that time. So...when do I eat a small meal or snack? Or am I totally over thinking this and Im fine to just continue with a more carb heavy breakfast and larger lunch those days?
  9. Been cooking like a fiend! In addition to regular meals Ive made chicken bone broth, beef bone broth, ghee, mayo, and ranch. Trying to branch out and try new things every week and this week was beef tongue. Super inexpensive and turns out easy to work with. Made lettuce wrap tacos and they were great. Hubby said they were better then the "authentic" ones hes had. I also started brewing kambucha, and none too soon as Ive had some tummy distress lately ugh.
  10. I have had dreams about food every.single.night since starting the program. They all end with me feeling anxious and upset that I failed and need to start the program over again
  11. @Ginsky your cucumber gazpacho sounds amazing! I LOVE gazpacho, plan on making a traditional version this week (minus the bread of course). Ive made a few different kinds but nothing mostly cucumber based, Ill have to give it a try!
  12. Day 10 and Im feeling pretty great. Actually concerned that I might be doing something wrong because I never really felt terrible. Maybe thats because I was used to feeling cranky, tired and run down. Starting yesterday Im feeling really good. Waking up energized, in a good mood, getting good sleep, and Im feeling really good in my body if that makes sense. I feel like for the first time Im making really healthy choices. I hit the farmers market today and stocked up on veggies and local pastured protein. So grateful for this forum and specifically our thread, I so enjoy reading all of your experiences <3
  13. Great work everyone! I can't believe its day 7 already. Had a rough day yesterday. I fluctuated between tired, mad, and sad/weepy. I literally broke down in hysterics when my blender wouldn't work right and my husband declared we need a new one. Luckily for me he has been very understanding and supportive and only teased me a little while researching a new blender.
  14. Thanks @SugarcubeOD!
  15. I was so shocked to find complaint "lunch meat" at Aldi's! I'm not a regular shopper but knowing this would get expensive I decided to check them out to see if I could save a few bucks on some organic meat and produce and color me surprised about the prosciutto!