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  1. Thanks for your response, SugarcubeOD. Yes, I do have other issues (autoimmune disease: celiac) and I think I was in a fantasy land of thinking that my eating cured my joint pain and as long as I stayed faithful, the pain would not return. I forget that it is a disease and I will always have it and the pain....especially the joint pain. I'm pleased to know that it may not be my diet and I shouldn't jump to conclusions! Thanks for keeping me real....and grounded!
  2. I am exactly 60 faithful days in and haven't changed anything or re-introduced anything because I have been feeling so great! BUT, the last few days I have been experiencing joint paint again...out of the blue! What could cause this? Any ideas are welcome.
  3. Thank you, Kirkor. Very helpful!
  4. I am 41 days in and last week added organic 1/2 & 1/2 and raw turbinado (sp) sugar only to my coffee in the morning. So far so good. I have a few recipes I'd like to make that call for a spoon of honey. Is it safe to add at this time? (in case you haven't guessed, I'm adding things VERY, VERY slowly!) Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. Thanks Laura_juggles! I agree! Choking down eggs is not good!!
  6. Oh!!!!! Awesome!!!! I've been soooo struggling with choking down 3-4 eggs at a time! Scrambled or hard boiled... Thanks for your wisdom!!
  7. On many of the W30 recipe pages (FB, Pinterest, IG) I see recipes that have salmon along with hard-boiled eggs in a meal. I'm a little confused in meal planning as I thought the salmon would count for the protein portion. Why would the eggs be added along with it? Thanks for your help!!!
  8. Thanks!! It is a Whole 30 recipe with coconut milk. This is my first week so I'm still learning about serving sizes. The template helps, but I don't recall seeing "starchy carbs" on it. I must've overlooked it. Thanks again !
  9. I just made my first batch of compliant butternut squash soup! It is so yummy I want to bathe in it! But, since I can't, how much would be one serving size?? Thanks!!!