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  1. 60 day pain relapse

    Thanks for your response, SugarcubeOD. Yes, I do have other issues (autoimmune disease: celiac) and I think I was in a fantasy land of thinking that my eating cured my joint pain and as long as I stayed faithful, the pain would not return. I forget that it is a disease and I will always have it and the pain....especially the joint pain. I'm pleased to know that it may not be my diet and I shouldn't jump to conclusions! Thanks for keeping me real....and grounded!
  2. I am exactly 60 faithful days in and haven't changed anything or re-introduced anything because I have been feeling so great! BUT, the last few days I have been experiencing joint paint again...out of the blue! What could cause this? Any ideas are welcome.
  3. When to add honey?

    Thank you, Kirkor. Very helpful!
  4. When to add honey?

    I am 41 days in and last week added organic 1/2 & 1/2 and raw turbinado (sp) sugar only to my coffee in the morning. So far so good. I have a few recipes I'd like to make that call for a spoon of honey. Is it safe to add at this time? (in case you haven't guessed, I'm adding things VERY, VERY slowly!) Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. Salmon AND eggs???

    Thanks Laura_juggles! I agree! Choking down eggs is not good!!
  6. Salmon AND eggs???

    Oh!!!!! Awesome!!!! I've been soooo struggling with choking down 3-4 eggs at a time! Scrambled or hard boiled... Thanks for your wisdom!!
  7. Salmon AND eggs???

    On many of the W30 recipe pages (FB, Pinterest, IG) I see recipes that have salmon along with hard-boiled eggs in a meal. I'm a little confused in meal planning as I thought the salmon would count for the protein portion. Why would the eggs be added along with it? Thanks for your help!!!
  8. Soup!! How much is too much!!??

    Thanks!! It is a Whole 30 recipe with coconut milk. This is my first week so I'm still learning about serving sizes. The template helps, but I don't recall seeing "starchy carbs" on it. I must've overlooked it. Thanks again !
  9. I just made my first batch of compliant butternut squash soup! It is so yummy I want to bathe in it! But, since I can't, how much would be one serving size?? Thanks!!!