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  1. I'm starting on January 2. This will be my second Whole30. I tend to eat fairly paleo, and am not a fan of New Year's resolutions, which this is dangerously close to, but Nom Nom Paleo had the sweetest invitation on her latest post: "grab my hand, and let’s do this thing before I change my mind!" How can anyone refuse that?
  2. sinus congestion?

    So, Alana asked me to post again to this thread
  3. Day 24 and I'm soooo over it...

    Sorry I can't help you! I've been pretty much at my perfect weight for the last eight years, and I put on some weight in the first two weeks, which was a real disappointment to me. I'm going out dancing today, and my favorite dress is too tight in the waist! My digestive system feels kind of overloaded. I read people complaining about losing too much weight, and I wonder what's up with me? Rather then dreaming of foods I want to re-introduce, I'm just looking forward to not feeling like I have to eat so much meat. I'm on day 26 and yesterday I didn't eat any meat at all. I felt a lot better. I've been pretty much paleo for the last year +, and I wasn't expecting to ever get over enjoying eating meat, but here I am. I'm thinking of bone broth with vegetables for the next few days.
  4. Dairy again, but different this time

    I'm on day 26 of the whole30 and today's email is about self-experimentation. Whatever you do has to feel right, which is so much more complex than following any particular school of nutritional thought. I don't know why humans "weren't designed to consume any other milk than human milk." Some say humans weren't designed to eat meat, or to eat cooked food, or eat cultivated grains. I do know that humans have adapted to many kinds of foods and if you look at traditional diets, there's a lot of variety in terms of adapting to what was available in the location. Perhaps part of our problem is the sheer amount of options available to us. I've found that everyone agrees on not eating foods with ingredients you can't pronounce, and eating more plants than animals. After that.... I personally see the citizenry of America as one big experiment in regards to diet. I think Michael Pollan put it well when he wrote that despite human ability to adapt to many kinds of diets, we've managed to create "the one diet that reliably makes people sick." We can see the unfortunate results all around us, and now some of us are explorers. We can look at maps others have drawn up, but ultimately it's our experience of walking the terrain that matters. The matter is further complicated by the politics and quality of what we eat, as well as our personal health history. (I was planning to re-introduce dairy when this 30 days was over, but I always thought dairy gave me a stuffy nose. Now I'm on day 26 and I've had a stuffy nose for at least two weeks. I haven't eaten any non-compliant foods.Posted about this in my sinus congestion thread but no responses. is it too old a thread? Should I start a new thread if I want some response to that?)
  5. Personally, after the initial excitement about eating bacon, I dropped it. Too heavy for me. Looks like I'm in a minority, though!
  6. Dairy again, but different this time

    Dairy seems to be THE good-for-some-people, not-good-for-some-people food. Chris Kessler recommends re-introducing every dairy product on its own -- some people are good with yoghurt, but not with certain cheeses, for example. Some say the pasteurization in milk is the problem rather than the milk itself, some people say it's the kind of cow that causes problems. Some say dairy is an unhealthy food, some go on milk fasts and swear it's the best. The topic of nutrition is a confusing one, and I think that the topic of dairy is the most confusing of that confusing topic! It sounds like your body is saying yoghurt is a good food for you. For the rest, research and experiment and listen to your body's responses. Good luck! (in my case, I'm drawn to dairy and even after a few years of periodic times of dietary elimination and restriction, dairy is the one type of food I'm not certain about. Sometimes it seems fine, sometimes not.) This article has a section on 'why dairy is worth eating.' It's not comprehensive, but it's a start.
  7. I'm following you, Fenderbender! I happen to have a special pan that I use only for toasting spices, and spices hold a tres special place in my heart. And I happen to love Moroccan spices best, so would you be willing to tell me a bit more about your spice blend? I assure you I would properly honor it. And... generations old authentic recipes? From Morocco? I'd offer you my first born son for them, but he's troublesome... it wouldn't be a fair exchange. What can I offer you for those recipes? My heart and soul is salivating. Seriously.
  8. oooh. I feel classy just contemplating it. And with the roast marrow bone recipe above, I'm set. A whole new world for me. Thanks, guys! (Am I going into competition with my dog? I went to the meat market one day and asked for dog meat. The guy said they were out, but he had some liver I could feed my dog. I said, 'Liver? let me see what you got. I eat liver more than my dog does." and then we had a wonderful conversation on how underappreciated liver is as a food, generally speaking. So now is it going to be some marrow bones for my dog and some for me?)
  9. slw600 and homerfrizzel, you guys make me think of my mom, who used to sit around at the table sucking the marrow out of bones. I thought she was extreme then, and I'm still not up to copying her, though now I admire her old world ways. slw600, are those cool little spoons special marrow bone eating spoons ? I love cool little spoons...tell me more. homerfrizzel - can I call you homer? -- thanks for the recipe!
  10. Well, darn, Johnny, that's what I was hoping you'd tell me! I'll probably start with slathering it on some steamed vegetables to give it the taste test. They make it with marrow, butter, thyme and another herb, if I recall correctly. And I'll ask for advice when I buy it. I'm on day 22 now, so it'll be a little while yet before butter's back on the menu, but I know it's a fine food for me. Is it for you? Shall I report back to you ?
  11. Chicken bone broth

    I make mine on the stovetop in a big stock pot with carrots, celery, onions, vinegar, bones -- chicken feet are supposedly critical to good chicken bone broth and I keep a bunch in the freezer -- and parsley for the last ten minutes. Basically, it's the recipe from Nourishing Traditions. But I'm wondering if anyone uses carrot greens in their stock?
  12. hey Johnny, 3 days and then check if they're covered. If not, add water, and then yes, in the sweet darkness for 30 days / one month. And now that I think about it, I added lemon juice instead of water. There's small variations in the various recipes, but cool dark place for a month is essential as far as I can tell. I looked again at the recipe you posted -- it's not saffron, it's saffron leaves. Where do you get those? I've never had saffron leaves. And as long as I'm asking you questions, I've been wanting to ask you -- have you ever tried the marrow butter from Prather Ranch meat co. ? I've never had marrow butter before and butter is off my list until after whole30.