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  1. PatGLex

    SOS- Grocery Stores

    My Kroger now carries Tessamae's (!!) in the salad area. Blew me away when I saw it. Kelsey at has lists of Whole 30 compliant stuff at many of the major food places (including Target!). Although I do a lot of label reading, it has been helpful to me. (I didn't think Target carried anything compliant except Larabars!)
  2. PatGLex

    Yes, your numbers can improve

    I am in the last day of my 2nd Whole 30 -- I started a week late in January, wasn't quite prepared to jump in at the start of January when a lot of others did. The doctor in my post above "prescribed" taking my blood pressure 3 times a week, which I've been (mostly) doing since mid-November, when the BP cuff came in. (Pharmacy had to special order it.) I was most worried about going off BP meds, but it seems like it's not an issue -- I haven't had any high BP readings. I did get a glimpse of my weight yesterday, when I went in for an infected finger wound -- I'm down around another 15 or so pounds. (Yay!) I still have another 40 I'd like to go, but this time I'll be more focused on not eating stuff I shouldn't. After the previous Whole 30 I drifted -- just as Melissa notes in FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER -- back into eating sugar and, my big nemesis, chips! I found a brand that cooks their potato chips in avocado and olive oil, so they should be OK, right? Hahahahaha. I wasn't gaining any weight eating the sugar and the chips. But I wasn't losing any, either. I'm hoping that by staying away from those two habits I will keep burning fat. My next wellness appointment is in April. We'll see how it goes, but I don't anticipate going back onto any meds. I also know I need to do more exercise. I walk for 30 minutes almost every day, but I want to add a weight-bearing component. I'm wavering right now between bodyweight exercises and a kettlebell. . . . and how to fit it in to a very busy schedule.
  3. So, I had a university wellness health check last Thursday -- and a doctor's appointment on Monday -- with blood work and everything. I did a Whole 30 a month ago and have been eating (mostly) W30 as possible since then. The nurse taking measurements, and the doctor -- and the doctor's supervisor -- were astounded that I'd lost 40 pounds since my last appointment (only a little less than half of that on the W30 protocol, but still ) . The wellness check brought up that my high-ish cholesterol readings were now down into the optimum range (except for the "good" cholesterol, but the doctor said that was less of a concern), and my pre-diabetes glucose reading was now in the green/optimal range. The doctor is now taking me off of all prescriptions. (!!!!) I have another 50 pounds that I want/need to lose, as I'm still considered obese and my BMI and body fat are way too high. But by eating W30-compliant meals I can hopefully keep my body using its own crappy fat [lol] to fuel itself and get myself into a healthier place. Now if I can only wrangle my mind into a workable exercise habit . . .
  4. PatGLex

    Well that was educational....I want W30 back now.

    Found this topic interesting. I just finished a Whole 30 last week, and I did a gluten test first, on Thursday. Yes, I know, it was recommended to go last. But my mom was dying to make me my birthday cake (family tradition) and since my birthday happened while on the Whole 30 I agreed to have dinner with her once it was over. So I did gluten at each meal. Breakfast was a scone. Experienced, as someone put it delicately above, "gastric distress." :-) Lunch was a roast beef wrap (tomato wrap) with lettuce, tomato, pickle. No problems . . . but I wonder if it was because the tortilla wrap was a combo? Dinner was . . . spaghetti / bread / cake. Gastric distress again. So I saw why they said "don't line up your reintroductions" because I definitely felt bad for a few days going back to Whole 30. (And yes, I know I mixed sweet/sugar/cake with gluten, but I've not had any "sugar dragon" results and haven't had any desire for desserts/sweets/candy.) I've stayed away from doing anything else and may end up doing a "once a week" introduction for the various categories. And it would be nice if tortillas won't affect me, because I really like fajitas and it would be an easy choice when we go to the local Mexican restaurant for a work celebration . . . but I'll deal with that once I've discovered what categories are off limits. Gluten may be one of them....
  5. PatGLex

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    Yay Day 30! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't feel the Tiger Blood -- I thought I was doing something wrong. :-) But maybe I need to find out if there's other stuff I should not be eating . . . like maybe do some specific FODMAP or nightshade eliminations. (Already know that eggplant is a big time NO NO for me.) I am getting better sleep, and digestive-ly -- tons better! I don't have acid reflux anymore . . . I was doing two antacids every night there for months before Whole 30. I miss crackers/chips -- but there may be some other options out there to indulge in occasionally (found some Honest Jackson sweet potato chips that are technically compliant; yes, I did use them but they did not become a snack item but an accessory to get some extra veggies in -- took me 3 weeks to go through the 4 servings in the bag). The best thing is definitely the lack of cravings. I can look at candy, cakes, and yes, even potato chips and not act. I have a work reception this Friday at which the person handling the reception just told me "Eat as much as you can" because we're paying an arm and a leg for the food! So . . . we'll see what's compliant.
  6. PatGLex

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    One more day! Can't wait to do an evaluation Wednesday and see what's better . . . . I already know I've lost weight -- sorry but I had to measure my hips a couple weeks ago to order new pants because the ones I was wearing felt like clown pants, big and baggy! Also had to get a new belt, the one I bought just 6 weeks ago had run out of holes! (This time I got a braided one, for more hole possibilities!) Definitely feel better overall, and my skin is smoother, and no dairy has meant few sinus issues -- and the sinus infection that should have shown up this month was missing! (Had infections in March, and again in June, needed antibiotics both times.) I'll have to find a winter vegetable I like as much as tomatoes -- they've been my salvation, lots of trips to the farmers market and a gracious manager who's been bringing me his spare cherry tomatoes. I have found some recipes that will be on my permanent cooking list. Still no cravings for sweets, but I do miss my crackers/chips....
  7. PatGLex

    Lara bars; wiser now

    Before the Whole 30 I hated Lara bars; I had tried one and thought they were yucky -- couldn't see how people could eat them. But I bought some just for emergency purposes and . . . find they're not that bad. Thankfully, it hasn't caused me to rush out and start buying cookies -- or even eating Lara bars by the fistful! I think the sugar dragon is at bay, at least for me.
  8. PatGLex

    Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    FWIW: I have a problem with raw vegetables, too -- the gum around my left molar has "issues" and vegetable shreds end up there and cause swelling. So I'm trying to steam my vegetables to make them less likely to get "stuck." Green beans are one of my favorite veggies, too -- I microwave steam them. And I am eating LOTS of tomatoes -- thanks, farmer's market and friends! I just slice and salt them, sometimes I'll eat them with cucumbers with a bit of olive/avocado oil and balsamic vinegar. I say, eat what you like!
  9. PatGLex

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    Day 19, still hanging in there. My mom is even willing to make compliant meals when I go down to visit! I had an interesting experience yesterday. I ate some eggplant and it caused me some discomfort. Now, I knew I wasn't a fan of eggplant, and I suspected that issues I'd had in the past with ratatouille and some other dishes might have been caused by eggplant. But since everything else I had was compliant, that was the thing that stood out in my mind. It's nice, though, to have it confirmed! I don't have a problem with other nightshades -- except for maybe peppers, another vegetable that I am not fond of and that I don't choose to eat unless necessary. Is it possible to have a sensitivity to one item in a category and not the others? Tomatoes are nightshades, but yet I could eat them daily and I don't seem to have any adverse reaction....\
  10. PatGLex

    Starting August 22! Woo Hoo

    I'm also starting my first go-round with Whole 30 today (Aug. 22). I had 2 out-of-town events at the beginning of the month that I knew would cause problems if I started earlier. (How do you tell family members at the reunion that you can't eat the ravioli or creme horns they brought??) And I gave myself a week to plan what I was going to do. I will admit that I have been doing a "test run" after having read the book in mid-July. I was already doing Bob Harper's "Skinny Rules" so I was not doing sugar or even many grains. Once I read the book I dropped pasta, bread, and white potatoes for the most part. I have experienced some of the Whole 30 benefits -- many fewer instances of acid reflux, softer skin, and my sinus issues have been reduced almost to nothing. (I live in Kentucky, the black-hole center of allergy issues. I always carry tissues and I've had 2 sinus infections this year so far, needing antibiotics.) I have already discovered that I can't eat crackers or pretzels -- something in those items is causing me acid reflux -- but (minimal) potato chip consumption doesn't seem to cause a problem. At least right now. But of course, the wasted non-nutritional calories!...... I'm looking forward to going through the program and seeing what other benefits I experience.