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  1. AZsunshine

    May 1 Start - Support

    @CCLaymon thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking a massage as well and love the idea of a movie. I noticed last night that I had not been popping tums at night. Actually hadn't had any since day one. I usually pop at least two in the evening. This morning is full of yawns, starting the day with the green tea and bone broth. Not very hungry at all so will bring my HB eggs and avocado to work and have mid morning. Have a great day 4 everyone!
  2. AZsunshine

    May 1 Start - Support

    Hi all, Day 3 almost in the books. Woke up this morning a little late. Sent my hubby a text that said "did you see the Mac truck do the hit and run on me?" he said 'it said Whole 30 on the side" Feeling better this evening but it was a slow start. Bad day at work where I would normally be grabbing a wine or three, but sitting her drinking my sparkling water instead. I have a friend who has done three W30s that has been texting me during the day and lending a lot of support, very thankful for her. Breakfast - scrambled eggs and spinach in CB, Black berries Lunch - Well Fed's Asian Chicken lettuce wraps, avocado and more black berries Dinner - Rubbed grilled baby bak ribs, roasted carrots and spinach in CB Decaf Sun Tea and water I am a little worried about my feeling of entitlement that tend to come over the weekend, but taking this one meal at a time. I have not felt an urge to snack which I am thankful for.
  3. AZsunshine

    May 1 Start - Support

    Hi all, Day 2 almost in the books for me. Starting my workouts today as will, I do 21 Day Fix workouts, but not consistently. Still struggled with missing the diet coke, but the decaf Sun Tea must have a little caffeine as I am not getting a headache yet. I am not feeling as overwhelmed today. Not a very restful night last night as I was up to the restroom almost every hour or two. Did not get on the scale to see any water weight loss, a big for me. Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs in clarified butter, black berries, avocado Lunch - spaghetti squash jambalaya Dinner - Grilled very rub Salmon, asparagus with clarified butter, roasted beet salad unsweetened sun tea and water to drink.
  4. AZsunshine

    May 1 Start - Support

    @CCLaymon great advice! I am trying to focus on trying new recipes, at least twice a week.
  5. AZsunshine

    May 1 Start - Support

    Day one is going well. Breakfast HB eggs, avocado and an apple, Lunch was Well Fed Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps (yum), Dinner is marinated flank steak from W30 book (pg 220) green beans and a small roasted red potato with some clarified butter (that I made myself thank you very much!). I also made a jambalaya on spaghetti squash that I found on Google for lunch tomorrow and a few other days. What was hard? No diet coke, no wine this evening. Lol, no big surprises there
  6. AZsunshine

    Starting my 1st time on May 1st!

    First time on W30 and starting in the morning. Excited and nervous at the same time.
  7. AZsunshine

    May 1 Start - Support

    Hi Dawn and group, I am prepped and starting in the morning. Having my last glass of wine for the next 30 days as I write. I made Well Fed's Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps for lunch the next couple days and then leftovers from dinner after that. Breakfast is HB eggs, smoked salmon, sautéed spinach and avocado. I do have some sardines and Lara bars for emergency hunger and some fruit salad. Wine, diet coke and cheese will be my biggest hurdles, I think.
  8. AZsunshine

    January 2nd start date

    Hi all, I am also starting on January 2nd which also happens to be my 58th birthday. I am very excited to start my year off learning something about myself and my relationship with food. I admit I am also very nervous, I have tried to start twice before but chickened out before day one.