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  1. So how are things going? My stomach bloat has decreased somewhat and that is NSV for me! I did prep some chili and soup over the weekend and I am going to freeze a few portions so I am always prepared. My husband still hasn’t figured out what I can eat so I told him I would just post it on the fridge. He did try my sweet potato chili which he said he liked.
  2. I thought the same thing about lack of people posting. I started today and I do enjoy the camaraderie. What day are you on? Hopefully you chose to dive right in anyways and I hope you are doing well.
  3. I too have already done a whole30, but I have decided to do another one because my stomach is just so bloated. So here is day 1 and it went pretty well since I already made lamb meatballs and potatoes. I can tell that I am already going through carb withdrawals and I am so use to having chocolate after dinner. Good luck with day 2. Hopefully you will be able to regain your energy after being on this for a few days. Don’t be hard on yourself and perhaps extra sleep will help you too!
  4. Well I was kinda sick this week so I have delayed my start date. I hope you two are doing well on your journey.
  5. So When is everyone starting? I still have some pasta in the fridge so I want to start this Sunday- Oct. 25th. Anyone else beginning about that time? I have done this before and it is helpful for me that people are starting the same/somewhat date? Good luck to everyone!