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  1. How's everyone holding up? Just a few more days left!
  2. Hello Chef Leika - sounds like you have a terrific background for the food component of the whole 30!!! Nice I'm going to try out some new recipes myself this week to battle the tedium that's starting to set in. If I come across any gems, I'll share with the group. Going to try some broccoli chicken stuffed potatoes as well as a shrimp dish. I usually do a huge batch cooking on Sundays since I work outside the home and we're always on the go so a few new recipes are definitely going to help shake things loose.
  3. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I haven't seen any real changes yet, but I'm plugging away. Things are very busy with back to school (my kids go back on Monday) so there's lots of errands and planning to keep busy. Waiting for that magic moment when the body composition starts to shift . My sleep patterns have definitely shifted though, can't keep my eyes open past 10 pm and I'm wide awake by 5am. So that is progress of sorts. Working this weekend on keeping the fruits to the acceptable levels and working on not being/acting/looking like a martyr. Depending on how I feel next week I may tack on another week or two to the end to solidify the re-tooled habits.
  4. The timeline is no joke. The novelty has worn off and the results haven't kicked in. I'm going to keep with it but I am just feeling grouchy that nothing has HAPPENED yet. Sigh. This is really a re-set round for me so its important I stick with it, underscore good habits and remember that I'm not going to get the emotional reassurance I'm looking for in the foods I'm not eating. Wherever you are in your journey good luck today! Keep at it
  5. I am currently at the movies with the family (morning matinee) and am pleased to report the concession stand didn’t beckon. In fact most of the displays looked kind of...gross. Feeling a bit smug which I’ll have to work on long term, it on a fragile day six I will take it lol. Cheers to everyone having a good weekend!
  6. I was in bed by 9:30 last night - totally wiped out - but woke up feeling pretty cheerful. Getting pumped for the weekend - I do great at work because I plan out my meals and take my food with me. Maybe I'll pack my meals for tomorrow and Sunday like that and see if it helps Cheers to all!!!
  7. How's everyone holding up today? We're on day 4 So far, I don't want to kill all the things as per the timeline, so that's very positive...I've been keeping very compliant but I am trying to be honest and note where I could cut back on a little fruit here, add some more protein there. I've already tired of eggs, but I found a recipe for apple mash which might make a good breakfast. The whole30 rounds I've done in the past my big thing is FOMO - fear of missing out - when we are with friends, at events, weekend cocktails, I don't want to miss on the fun things everyone else is enjoying (or "gets" to enjoy if I'm being bitter) but I think I have a good mental outlook for this round. Just gotta get it done and reset. It was my choice to be blase nutrition-wise this summer and this round is my choice to get back in the game. Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!!! (I do miss my Diet Pepsi though - that's harder to give up than wine and cheese in my opinion)...
  8. My 15 year old daughter and I are starting today. This will be my 3rd round and her first. We're excited and I spent most of yesterday food prepping while she read through the PDFs and lists, etc. She actually approached me about doing this, so I'm along for moral support. I had a *very* off program summer so need to get back into better habits. We're both looking forward to it. Let me know if you're starting today too and we can check on one another and keep honest