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  1. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    WE DID IT! Wow! So proud of everyone! Tomorrow I start reintroductions and I'm doing dairy first. I'll have yogurt for breakfast, a cloud bread sammy for lunch (cloud bread isn't really bread- it's made with eggs, cream cheese, and baking soda but as I'm only reintroducing dairy it's hard to find compliant meals), a regular Whole30 dinner, and a teeny tiny tub of Ben & Jerry's with whipped cream for dessert with some fruit thrown in somewhere. We'll see how it goes. What are you all reintroducing first?
  2. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Hey @runfunky! You can totally do this and it's great your friends are supportive. My boyfriend is surprisingly more supportive of the program than he has been about others I've done in the past and even though he's not doing it with me he is willing to try most of my recipes and has liked a lot of them. I did the same when testing my boyfriend's pasta one night but I'm just not sure if I accidentally ate an itty bitty piece of it out of habit but I kept spitting in the sink just to make sure It's really hard to stay 100% compliant even if you're doing everything in your power to do so~ even with spices! I'm in the same boat as you though, there's no way I'm calling it a reset and starting from scratch, regardless of whether it really did reset my reset. If anything I plan on doing another one within the next six months or so and will hopefully convince my boyfriend to do it with me since he needs this more than I do. He has weird stomach issues and I'm pretty sure he has an intolerance or allergy to either dairy or soy but he won't really know for sure until he cuts them out completely and reintroduces them. Here's to (hopefully) some weight loss and a strong finish! We're almost at the end of the road!
  3. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    I'm here! This week has been better than last because I'm more aware of what I will or won't like and because of that can make meals I'll actually enjoy. I'm not even that picky of an eater but for some reason the recipe that looked or sounded so great in the book makes my stomach churn in person But on the positive side I've come too far to give up now and I most definitely feel I've gained a lot of knowledge and insight as to what my diet should and will look like when this is over. Yes, it will be great to eat from the food groups we've eliminated for these 30 days but otherwise I definitely want to stick pretty close to the guidelines of the Whole30 with the exception of special occasions or a night out. My energy has been up and down... I've found myself able to wake up MUCH earlier than I ever would have before while on program- however I run out of steam super early too (like 4-5pm!). Yesterday I had amazing energy all day and worked out plus got a TON done around the house. As far as my body goes I can't say I feel I've lost a ton of weight or anything but like @Teddie I don't technically have anything I need to lose other than weight I would like to lose for vain reasons. However, I do feel I look leaner and my weight is more consistent day to day than it was before (no bloating, etc.) and this is TMI but for the first time I'm extremely regular when it comes to the bathroom I'm glad you're all having good experiences and I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from more of you soon! xx Vivi
  4. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Day 15! Halfway there! Although it's still been really difficult to choke down some of the food I've been making I'm determined to finish this out strong. I'm hoping this week's recipes will be the push I need to continue and enjoy this. It's interesting because I ate fairly healthy before I started (no fast food, nothing fried, pizza was an every few months or so treat, limited my sweets, tried to get my veggies in etc.) and I've been thinking about these 'bad' foods more since doing this than I did when I could have eaten them. I hope I don't finish my 30 days + reintro and go off the deep end on all the bad foods. I don't really want to eat them... I know I would feel like crap if I did (mostly my body, not so much the guilt I'd experience), but for some reason I'd die for a slice of pizza! Anyway, I hope you're all doing well and that you're enjoying this process more than I am at the moment! I know when I get to week 4 I will be too determined to finish to even think about quitting! xx Vivi
  5. xxitsvivibaby

    Binge ruined my Whole30

    Definitely get rid of MFP. I'm telling you this from experience- it's wreaked nothing but havoc on my life. I always start out using it with great intentions (as I'm sure you have) and it always ends up destroying me. I've used it on and off for many years when I've wanted to lose a bit of weight and the first few times it did the job but for whatever reason over the past two years of using it to lose 15 pounds (that I never lost btw) it's caused me to go off the deep end. MFP is great in theory but realistically it's only good for counting macros. It's too linear for weight loss and even though I only had 15 pounds to lose, I would get too easily discouraged if the scale wasn't moving and give up altogether for a few days (only to gain back the couple pounds I did manage to lose and sometimes more) only to run right back to it and start the cycle over. To be perfectly honest my obsession with counting calories and 'going over'/not losing any weight developed into full-blown bulimia that I still struggle with but am much better about. I had to do something so I stopped logging on MFP and focused on eating better foods and only eating when I was truly hungry (instead of just eating because MFP said I had calories left). By eating what I wanted when I wanted (even if it was 'cheat' worthy food like pizza or BBQ) it allowed me to stop when I was full because I knew I could have more if I wanted and I wouldn't binge or purge. This led me to the Whole30 and after prepping myself for a couple weeks by abstaining from sweets (my biggest weakness) here I am on day 12 going strong! Bottom line: stop logging. It's not helping you here and it will mess with you. Remember this is not about weight loss. It's about nourishing and resetting your body so you can enjoy food again. And lastly- stressing so much over losing weight and counting calories will not help you lose weight- it will probably do the opposite. You're on DAY 19! You can do this! Enjoy the process! (And for the record I haven't had any cravings/binges/episodes since I've started Whole 30!!!)
  6. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Almost halfway there! I gotta say, I don't want to quit but I am finding it hard to get some of my meals down. They just do. not. sound. good... even if I thought they were amazing the night before. I might just have to recycle meals I can stomach much more regularly though I'm not sure how long that will last either. And I agree @runfunky! My boyfriend isn't doing this with me and I find it really difficult not to lick the spoon or taste the food I've been making for him but so far so good. I (luckily) tend to catch myself before I do it but it's interesting nonetheless. I hope your daughter is feeling/getting better! And @Jaelandfriends I was having the same issue... mine was nausea/feeling sick to my stomach and I would wake up almost every morning around 4-5am with really bad stomach pains~ though they felt like they were caused by being super hungry so I'd eat a tiny piece of melon and that would help. I have some fresh ginger slices and those work wonders on the stomach if you're nauseous~ but @jmcbn covered the remedies pretty well (I just love the taste of ginger!) And as I mentioned in my previous post @Teddie I'm feeling the same way about breakfast... egg creations are amazing and I could eat them every day and not get tired but I'm finding it hard to incorporate any veg without having to force it down and I always feel disgusting after. I'm trying my best but I love my breakfast foods and can't wrap my head around eating a salad at 9am. I'm definitely going to be making more spinach and mushroom omelets this week because I was eating those before I started this journey and know I'll be fine with them. I'm glad to see more people sharing their experiences~ I thought me and @runfunky were lone rangers! xx Vivi
  7. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Is no one interested in this forum thread anymore? That's unfortunate... I hope most of you haven't given up! Day 10 and going strong! I've found myself in a little bit of a breakfast rut as I can't stomach eating non breakfasty foods and I really can't stand eating veg so early in the day. I think I'll make some butternut squash soup and eat that with it because otherwise I just can't do it. I've also really been enjoying all of the Whole 30 book recipes! I made the chicken chowder tonight and it was amazing~ my only advice for those who want to try it would be to maybe halve the jalapeno instead of using the whole thing (or at least deseed it) because I went full on with it and it was so dang spicy! I like spicy food too, but holy crap! Stay strong everybody!
  8. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Week 1 is over tonight! For everyone doubting that 30 days will go by fast (myself included) I think they most definitely will! I can't say I've noticed a ton of changes yet... Though I didn't think I would this quickly. I am pleasantly surprised how little I miss my morning coffee and that I've had no sugar cravings (my biggest weakness) yet. Time will tell but I remind myself these things won't be extinct when my 30 days are up. I was surprised, though, that some of you seem to be expecting to see physical changes already... It's only been 7 days! While you may see some small changes it's going to take a bit more time than 7 days~ so just relax and go with it! Hope everyone is doing well!
  9. xxitsvivibaby


    I bought Gwantley's too! I couldn't find any organic bacon without sugar and I live off bacon and eggs in the morning. I'm surprised so many people have such a problem finding compliant bacon- there are plenty of brands with no added sugar, I guess it just depends on the quality of meat you're looking for. I would prefer something nicer but I'll take what I can get because I'm not going 30 days eating only eggs when I already had to give up my toast
  10. xxitsvivibaby

    Binge eater completed with successes

    I'm really happy to hear this as I'm a binge eater too. I've had bouts with binging/purging as well and feel I've really messed up my body and metabolism because of it. I was hoping the Whole 30 would be an answer to most, if not all, of my problems (especially binging on sweets which are my weakness) so I'm really happy to hear you've had success! Way to go and keep up the healthy habits!
  11. xxitsvivibaby

    4 months in a hotel...

    I agree with @Tom Denham... though I'm sure it's possible it will definitely be a struggle to start the Whole 30 in a hotel~ I couldn't imagine that! Though I'm sure you're sick of your current food options trying to start in that type of situation may sour you on the experience rather than exhilarate and refresh you and that would be a bummer. I would do what Tom suggested and eat as close to the Whole 30 as you possibly can for now until you're somewhere you can really dive in. It'll give you a break from eating junk and set you up for a smooth transition!
  12. xxitsvivibaby


    I would definitely recommend buying Kerrygold butter or another grass-fed brand of butter rather than the cheapest stuff you can find. It's not going to be of quality and that's kind of half the point of doing this... at least to me (and of course it's recommended). It's a toss up for me on price as I just started 9/1~ however, I bought a block of Kerrygold butter to make own and probably ended up with a little more than half a cup (and it's already almost gone). Kerrygold is $3 where I'm from, but I also saw a nice sized tub of clarified butter for $7... at first I thought that was outrageous and scoffed at the price but next time I go I might just cough up the $7 for the tub as it's a substantially larger amount and I'd end up spending more on Kerrygold than I would buying it premade. Weigh your options and go with the cheapest, yet best sourced option.
  13. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Day 5! So exciting! Time seems to be flying by~ I only hope it lasts Last night I made mine and my boyfriend's (who isn't partaking on this journey with me much to my dismay) favorite dinner thus far: the banger sausage patties with sweet potato mash and caramelized onions, so good! If you haven't tried it yet I highly suggest it Plus it's super easy (you can find it in the Whole 30 book). Have you guys had success with Whole 30 recipes or are you just winging it with compliant ingredients?
  14. xxitsvivibaby

    September 1st Start Date for First Whole30 Challenge

    Hey guys~ my name's Vivi. I'm 27 and live in South Florida I started on September 1st as well and am hoping to do at least 30 days if not more. So far everything's been fantastic, no cravings, I haven't been snacking, and I haven't been hungry between meals. I really hope it continues to be this easy and I hope all is going well for the rest of you! <3