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  1. Piperanne

    Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    It's day 12 and I am still on track. I felt really good yesterday, even made it out for a walk. The nausea has subsided and I was able to tolerate eating a bit more. I woke this morning, once again with a headache. I ate breakfast hoping it would help, the headache worsened and I was sent home from work. The department is starting a weight loss challenge today, I offered up the Whole30 plan as a suggestion and provided website information. Hope others can join me. I figure I am almost half way there...I can do this!!!
  2. Piperanne

    Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I did survive day 10 and woke feeling refreshed to begin day 11. I am currently nauseous so nothing sounds good. I am making salsa and hollandaise today. Does anyone have a good recipe for spaghetti sauce? I purchased a spaghetti squash yesterday at the farmers market and thought I would make "spaghetti." @ShannonM816 I seasoned the hamburger for tacos, just put it on lettuce and added pico instead of dressing. I made some of the dressings and just cannot get use to them. I have been using salsa and pico on my meats. I did make the chili last night, thought it would be good over a baked potato. As for vegetables, you are right, I have never really ventured out much. My husband loved them and I would prepare different veggies for him and not even try them. It's a mind block and I know this. Textures are anything grainy or stringy...onions, rice, raw vegetables of any kind. I am allergic to avocado , shellfish and tree nuts. I always thought I could survive on chicken everyday, I was wrong. Again, thanks for your encouragement. I will make it to October 1, perhaps in a medically induced coma, but i will make it...lol
  3. Piperanne

    Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    I Have tried some of the recipes out of the book. My problem is, I don't like vegetables. I also have texture issues. I have been eating the few I do like; green beans and broccoli. I have been limiting the amount of potatoes I eat. This morning I made steak and eggs for breakfast and it made me gag. I had to throw it out. At lunch I made a "taco salad," seasoned hamburger on lettuce with pico. I had a few bites and I was done. I feel nauseated constantly and I don't really feel hungry. Late morning I was ready to throw in the towel. I honestly do not feel I am out of the woods yet, but I am not giving up either. Thanks for your support and suggestions. Piper
  4. Piperanne

    Day 10 - Shoot Me Now!!!

    I am on day 10 and last night I had dreams of sour cream on top of nachos. I am tired of eating the same foods so I choose not to eat at all. I wait until it my stomach hurts before I eat something. On day 5 I landed in the hospital for 2 days due to migraine headaches, it was thought I was having a stroke as I lost my vision. I have been overweight all my life, I am convinced I am not meant to be healthy; however, I want to prove to myself I can do this. I cheated, kinda of...when in the hospital, I was weighed and they kindly (rudely really) wrote in on the board in my room. I do know I am making progress in that area. It is a cool fall day in Nebraska and I am going to make the Chili from the Whole 30 book. I am looking forward to something a little different. I am going to the Farmer's Market this morning to get fresh veggies. I do feel better, the swelling in my legs is gone, I have more energy and I would still kill for a diet coke. Thanks for Listening Piper