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  1. Emily

    Office/Coworker Treat Ideas

    I REALLY appreciate people who bring in fruit, since it is something I will eat! You may find that your office has more gluten-free, etc people than you know!
  2. I'm interested in following your journey as I hope to be pregnant soon and plan to eat mostly W30-ish. Congratulations! I'm assuming that you were doing the vegetarian list (mostly) because you are a vegetarian? Anything you want to add about how you are feeling; how appealing food is… all that would be very appreciated! Again, congratulations!
  3. Emily

    scared to fail

    So try. And if you do get off-track, try again.
  4. Emily

    Day 19 and....crying???

    I've done multiple W30s before and never experienced this. But I am this time - I've unexpectedly cried twice in the past three days. Unusual for me. I've also been struggling with some kind of cold/virus; I was attributing it to that. But this is making me wonder if it is something different.
  5. Emily

    Facebook Rudeness - a Rant

    I really like that you are aware of your objective. You sound like you are handling it with class and grace; it doesn't sound like a classy comment (especially from family!). I applaud your understanding of yourself and how you want to come across. I liked the suggestion to just delete it. Finally, depending on who they are as people, you could ask them what their objective was the next time you see them -- "Hey, were you trying to be hurt me by leaving that comment?" "What was your goal with that comment?" I realize that is only appropriate with some people. Good luck to you and way to not go to their level.
  6. Emily

    Help! I am about to jump off the wagon...

    Being in survival mode stinks; I get it! In September we were 12 days into a W30 when the 1000-year flood hit. We couldn't evacuate the family and dogs and continue on with the W30 and I had no second thoughts there! But we are back again! Are there ways you can make your life easier and keep to the W30 or maybe leave the W30 but still keep the new habits that you are enjoying (your daughter sounds like she has made a big change). Things that we accept that aren't perfect but we do anyway: --buy "wholly guacamole"(guac in packages) - our kids are more likely to eat salads with guacamole and removing the step of having to make the guacamole helps out. --I haven't been able to find spaghetti sauce in a jar without sugar. (Ridiculous!) I buy and use one with sugar and just accept it. Not perfect. --we are more liberal with Larabars for the kids than is actually W30 approved --I know not everyone can do this. But when we are doing a W30 we relax with our food budget and buy all kinds of "treats" -- Bubbies sauerkraut, different kinds of olives, peppercinis (our kids love these in salads), horseradish (plain, not mixed with anything, but great when mixed with homemade mayo), pomegranates, … things we don't normally buy. I agree with the others too… make as much food as possible whenever you cook! I currently have four spaghetti squash in the oven. The five of us will likely eat half for dinner, leaving half for another day. Roasted veggies can be frozen. Stuffed eggplant can be frozen, so can spaghetti squash spaghetti. This weekend we had two crockpots going - one with a roast and sweet potatoes (all dry in the crockpot, wrapped in foil), one with chili. I still have chili in the fridge now. You know what is right for you, but--especially if this is your first W30--I hope you power on. At the same time, survival mode is miserable. It is a big focus of mine to stay *out* of survival mode. Good luck to you!
  7. Emily

    How is it possible to do this with kids???

    Lol, the frozen lima beans made me remember -- when our seven yo was five she loved frozen green peas so much that she would "sneak" them out of the freezer! Frozen pinapple is another liked snack (yes, a lot of sugar, but at least it isn't candy is my mindset)
  8. Emily

    How is it possible to do this with kids???

    Can your 7yo help (and ultimately make) her own snacks? I have a 7yo also… she will get herself a carrot from the fridge and wash it (we don't worry about peeling it). She will also make herself an apple and almond butter (she puts a scoop of almond butter in a bowl, bites into the apple, then uses a spoon to put some almond butter on the bite part). She loves making herself ants on a log (with almond butter). She also likes black olives and hard boiled eggs. Finally she will sometimes make herself a "salad" with pre-washed greens and already cut up chicken from the fridge. I get that it is still a ton of prep work for parents; but I also involve the kids and helping them be independent (but still safe!).
  9. Emily

    No longer tolerating coffee

    I'm currently struggling with this too.. tea just doesn't feel the same. But my mood also changes (sometimes) dramatically with coffee; also I get gut issues from coffee. Finally, even if I don't drink any after noon I still notice a difference in the quality of my sleep. Before W30s, I knew coffee messed with my gut but I wasn't aware of the mood/sleep issues. I've found coffee harder to give up than alcohol or sugar. Good luck!
  10. Emily

    Drank wine and 2 days later I feel awful

    Wine doesn't give me diarrhea, but I do feel down for about three days after drinking it.
  11. Emily

    Bright Yellow Urine

    When I eat spaghetti squash my urine turns bright yellow. It's different than dehydration (concentrated urine)... it doesn't have the smell and literally is a neon yellow. I think it's kind of fun.
  12. mix it with horseradish and it is great on steaks use it "like mayo" on collard greens with mustard, tomato, and roast beef for a collard green wrap
  13. Emily

    Applied Kinesiology?

    I haven't heard of AK used to recommend supplements, but I have heard of it as a way to learn from the body about other questions. I have no personal experience with it, but I think there is more we don't understand about our bodies and our world than we do. Having said that, I suggest eating real food.
  14. Emily

    Why has my blood pressure gone up?

    If yours is normally 120/80 and it has gone up, it is a good idea to figure out why... slw is correct that "white coat syndrome" makes many people's BP go up at the doc's office. Did you drink a lot of coffee before your appointment? Could you have been dehydrated?