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  1. penotti

    Have the rules on protein powder changed?

    If you have a recipe, let me know! Egg white powder tastes horrid though....
  2. penotti

    Whole30 bloggers

    Cool stuff! I'll throw mine in too:
  3. penotti

    Reintroducing whey?

    Then you must have a different kind, I have the egg white protein, which lists soy in the ingredients
  4. penotti

    Reintroducing whey?

    So you know though, that Jay Robb contains soy too
  5. penotti

    Reintroducing whey?

    Good to know, what brand do you use?
  6. penotti

    Reintroducing whey?

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience with the reintroduction of whey (supplements) and if it caused any reaction?
  7. penotti

    "Don't be an idiot like me"

    Hi Kittyglampants, I think it does work to have a bit of a "gameplan" that weekend (since I had none) Like, decide on 1 food-group you allow yourself to have (dairy, grains or legumes) and stick to that. If you drink, choose 1 poison, and stick to that too. The reason why whole30 works so well, is because it has very strict rules, so a reintroduction works best that way as well (IMHO) It's freakin' scary, because you don't want to lose that awesome feeling (i had that too) but don't see it as a slope of no return, more of an opportunity to experience both sides. You know already how awesome you can feel, and as soon as you start feeling crappy from any of the foods you introduce, you know where you can go back to. To be honest, right now i'm in the mindset where i look at certain foods and think: "meh, not worth it" Don't worry, relax and enjoy the weekend! P.S. for some reason, i see a lot of Atlantans on this forum, I used to live there too
  8. penotti

    Cream in coffee

    Looks like the unsweetened almond & cashew mimicreme is compliant, although "natural flavorings" always make me wonder....
  9. penotti

    Yogurt made from coconut milk?

    P.S. I remember when living in Atlanta there was a German Bakery near my house, I think it's this:, they might sell gelatin sheets (wild guess, i know) The brand I use is German. Otherwise a trip to Helen might be in order
  10. penotti

    Yogurt made from coconut milk?

    Thanks so much Tom, I thought it was a tricky one too, but someone wrote me they'll be trying a whole30 soon and wanting to test it out then. I wanted to make sure they don't make the wrong choices straight away, and also referred to the SYWPO article. Curious to hear what you think of it! Was worried first that it would taste too much like, well, sauerkraut, but the sweetness & creaminess of the coconut milk softened that. I used Aroy-D (great brand!) but i'm sure other brands should work too.
  11. penotti

    What's the "Cleanest" alcohol?

    Agree with Tom of course, but when to pick something, i'd go for it by color. The lighter, the "better", so indeed vodka for example, my favorite is bison grass vodka. My instinct is that white wine is better to start with, had 2 glasses yesterday and felt fine.
  12. Hi everyone, I've already completed my Whole30, and created this recipe the other day: 1 cup of coconut milk 2 tbsp of sauerkraut juice 1,5-2 sheets of gelatin Soak the gelatin in a bit of cold water until the sheets are soft. Meanwhile warm up the coconut milk, but do not boil. Let the gelatin dissolve in the coconut milk and add the juice and mix well. Let it cool for a bit in a bowl on the kitchen bench, then let it set (preferably overnight) in the fridge. My blogpost can be found here: I got a few positive responses from people that wanted to try this on the whole30, but i'm not sure if it's ok or not, so that's why i'm checking!
  13. penotti

    Emily's Reintroduction Log

    Hi Emily, I've had the same issue like you, going on the post whole30 roller coaster and ignoring the whole principle of reintroduction. It was unintended, but i'm bloody sorry it happened. I've decided to pick up whole30 for the next 5 days or so, and then perhaps start off with a bit of dairy. Currently having a bit of a mental struggle with it all though!
  14. penotti

    What about DARK (VERY) CHOCOLATE

    I made my own chocolate the other day, with just 3 ingredients: But my guess is it's still not allowed on the whole30?
  15. penotti

    Katie's Reintro Log

    Thanks, good to know!