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  1. Wendy's W30 :o)

    Apparently it's not obvious at all what it is or what's causing it but the doctor suggested the facial swelling could be an allergic reaction and the rest some sort of skin infection in relation to this. But they were quite open about not being sure, hence taking multiple precautions.
  2. Wendy's W30 :o)

    I started a post about my itchiness and skin issues a few days ago and had not had any replies so I'm guessing not. My other half (who researched detoxing and so on before we started this) said that detox rashes are not uncommon and googling sees a lot of mentions of it on forums and other pages. Not definitive but nonetheless. I'm not personally particularly convinced that's what this is (it's not just a rash, it's a rash and then some, plus there's other things it could be) but it doesn't really matter; this is really bad and I can't afford to be housebound at the moment. I just need it fixed ASAP so I'm willing to try anything and then revisit my W30 in the future when I'm happy that hasn't been the cause.
  3. W30 Hiatus

    Well, my W30 has officially (and very sadly) had to go on hiatus today. I have mentioned in my log but wanted to put it here as well because of the troubleshooting aspect. I've been itchy since shortly after starting my W30 and yesterday it got serious. I went from having a few itchy patches to having an extremely irritable spot on my chin/neck. This morning my whole face is swollen, the rash is all over and I have horrible little pustules (TMI, sorry). It's so itchy and sore that I can barely believe... Not to mention I look hideous. Because it's unclear exactly what is up, I have been advised to ditch anything new in my life, including the W30, and to blast it with a course of antibiotics, antihistamines and a cream. I am not convinced that, of the options (of which there are several), the W30 is to blame, however detox rashes (particularly where sugar is involved) are not uncommon and it's possible that this is a contributing factor if nothing else. And, frankly, looking at the state of my face you would understand fully why I am happy to try anything to get this fixed ASAP. Currently I cannot leave the house. Anyway, I mostly wanted to post this in case anyone had a similar issue in future. I am still very keen to complete a W30 in the future and once this is sorted and the possible culprits have been gradually reintroduced I hope to do so. In the meantime I will not be eating too much off plan but will be widening my food intake for the short term. After all the prep and such a good start I'm really gutted but such desperate circumstances leave me little alternative choice, sadly
  4. Wendy's W30 :o)

    I've actually and very sadly had to make the decision to quit today. My rash went nuclear overnight and I now look hideous- swollen face and neck, angry red rash that itches and burns, a horrible infection kind of thing... It's truly hideous- I have been stared at all day. Got an emergency appointment at the doctors and they're not sure what it is but suggested ditching anything new immediately and taking a course of antihistamines and antibiotics to clear it up. So everything new has gone for the time being and sadly that includes my W30 as it's quite possible it could be a detox rash. Hopefully once it's cleared up I can start reintroducing things bit by bit and try my W30 again. I'm truly gutted! :-(
  5. Itchy!

    Mine is now sufficiently severe that I'm off the programme. I don't think it's to blame but I'm having a massive reaction to something which the doctor says appears to be an allergy which has somehow got infected. There's several things it could be, but my face now looks that hideous that I have quit all possible culprits and am on a range of meds :-( Gutted.
  6. Wendy's W30 :o)

    Days 4 & 5 No time to update yesterday, sorry. Always seems like whenever I keep a weekend free for something specific life gets in the way! So yesterday was fine. We went into town (we don't go in often) and my OH commented that he found it quite challenging - all those smells and temptations! I found they didn't bother me too much but then we had just had lunch! Got up late and found that disruptive. It kind of threw out my eating times so I had breakfast (bacon and spinach) and then wasn't hungry for lunch but felt I should have something so went for baked aubergine and mandarin (not together!) which seemed to do the trick. Dinner was cajun chicken pieces with a huge pile of brocolli and some sweet potato and carrot chips. Went to bed late as worked until fairly late and then needed a bit of downtime. This is a bad habit I always get into when I'm on holiday and will be broken as of back-to-work tomorrow! Today we have both been hungry. We had bacon, egg, spinach and onion for breakfast and, though tasty, there wasn't so much protein. Same at lunch - we had ham salad and three thin slices of ham each wasn't comparable to a chicken breast or something like that. I ended up snacking on babyfood and cashews a couple hours before dinner. Dinner was roast though which was lovely. Chicken, steamed carrots and some roasted veg (artichokes, sprouts and parsnips), with a little chicken juice as a gravy of sorts just to moisten it up. Lush! Managed to get some exercise in earlier but nothing yesterday. Was quite lethargic today but am still not sleeping well. This itchiness is ridicularse! My chin has now come out in a rash too (as if the back, abdomen and leg patches of itching insanity weren't enough) and it's so hot and itchy. I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do about it really - the chin stuff in particular is really noticeable and distracting Back to work tomorrow. I'm mostly working from home so won't notice it too much, but then three days on campus. Feeling a bit lost with lunches but will try and make sure I have leftovers. Also, diving starts back tomorrow after the Christmas break and I can't wait! Love my diving Summary of the day: Hungry.
  7. Can I have Angostura® bitters?

    I never knew that stuff was alcoholic! Hahahah!
  8. How did you find Whole30?

    I found out about W30 in a pretty circuitous way. A friend of a friend was launching an online, facebook-based 30-day metabolism igniting programme based around the ME Diet, short, strength-based exercises, and also general wellbeing. She was looking for volunteers to try it (for free) and share their feedback and results for marketing and improvements prior to full launch. From recipes she posted I discovered Paleo (her way of eating was mostly paleo) and, through searching for Paleo recipes, discovered the W30! I didn't spend long on the site originally - I was on the other programme and did it for two months (the weekly "cheat meal" and SWYPOs were the ruin of me but the rest was pretty good) and wasn't interested in trying something new. But that was months ago and W30 really played on my mind since then. I hadn't read much about it, but I just got it. I knew it was pretty extreme and would be tough but I kept coming back to it and thinking what a great challenge it would be and how it might actually address my issues with food. Originally I wanted to do it in the 30-day run up to Christmas but my schedule was manic and the date just passed me by really. There was no way Christmas and new year were going to be compliant (though they weren't bad at all compared to usual), so I used December to get myself organised, get the buy in of my husband, and do some more research. Having that planning time has really been worth it and has made the process a lot easier. Really glad I'm trying it though!
  9. Wendy's W30 :o)

    I will! What's it called? And good luck!
  10. Wendy's W30 :o)

    Oh god that sounds good! I will check it out, thank you! All good here thanks - bit hungry today but I can see I didn't have enough protein at lunch. Have had a little protein & veg snack and now hanging out for dinner. Didn't have time to post an update yesterday but will do one for yest and today later on tonight. How's yours going?
  11. Sweet potato "muffins?" SWYPO?

    I have come to the conclusion that SWYPO is a very personal thing because it really depends on your habits prior to the W30 and IMHO there are some very contradicting messages on here. I get it, I really do, but I don't understand why an egg and banana "pancake" is out, but sweet potato "fries" and kale "chips" are in. So I have taken all the information on board and am making judgments based not on what the forum says, but on MY issues with food. I never have pancakes. Ever. In fact, the last time I had them was when I was doing a programme similar to this and entirely because I could pre-make them and take them cold to work with me for breakfast. So I may decide at some point to have the occasional egg and banana pancake for convenience sake. Likewise, fries are not something that has ever really been on my radar - they're a very rare occurrence so I'm not fussed about having them occasionally in parsnip form. My husband regularly eats an adapted pumpkin pie recipe as well. We're British so neither of us has ever had pumpkin pie in our lives and it's not replacing anything he has had regularly previously. Also, in my opinion, it's blimmin' disgusting and I don't know how he can do it! Hahahah! On the other hand, chips (crisps, dammit! ) have always been an issue for me so kale chips are off the menu. Same with ice cream kinda stuff - to me, freezing a banana or anything along those lines is SWYPO because of my relationship with that food. Maybe no one else on this forum would agree with me on those two, but that's what they are to me. I've genuinely found the messages on here about SWYPO really contradictory and confusing. Not through anyone's fault at all - this forum has been a god send all round and everyone on it is helpful and means well. But to me, SWYPO is such a grey area that it has to be personal. Because how can you say one thing is alright and another isn't when they are all ultimately mimicking former poor choices. This probably isn't a very helpful answer and I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with me (one of the mods might even be able to provide a more clear outline of what is and isn't ok), but to my mind only you can really decide if it's SWYPO. If it's unlike anything you have regularly eaten previously and won't mess with your head then I say go for it
  12. Itchy!

    Hey all, So I'm currently on day 6 and all's well so far. I seem to be getting some really dry, itchy patches of skin since I started though and this is not something I've ever suffered with before. There are three in particular- on my back, lower abdomen and right leg- and they're driving me to distraction! Anyone else have this problem? It's so weird!
  13. Best oil for making mayo

    Seconded! When I ran out of bertolli and subbed in a quarter cup of evoo mine fell to pieces. The light bertolli is excellent though.
  14. Turnips and parsnips!

    Hahah! Awesome... that absolutely makes me psychic instead of stupid then!
  15. Coconut oil and coconut butter...

    Yeah that sounds like my coconut oil, though it still has a very faint coconut taste to it.