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  1. Help! I've searched the forum with no luck (and can't seem to find the answer in 'It Starts With Food'). I'm prepping for a visit from the in-laws and am currently on Day 23. I know they will ask me why, if sugar is not compliant on the W30 plan, we can eat fruits. WE all know that there is a big difference between fruit and processed sugar/sugar as an additive, but they come from an "all carbs are bad" point of view. Thanks for your help!
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    October 3rd start

    Hi all! I started on October 4th and am new to the Forum. Still trying to figure out how to use it, post comments, follow threads, etc.. :-). @frogtox, I totally agree about prepping ahead -- I find that if I don't have things pre-made life is a LOT harder. Yesterday I made a triple batch of meatballs and two pounds of hamburgers to freeze (for our family of four) for those nights when I need a quick compliant meal. Otherwise we might starve (ha ha)! Looking forward to following your journies through this thread -- I know you guys will inspire me!