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  1. EmilyVT

    Serving Sizes

    Tom - does that serving size suggestion also the suggested serving size for tomato sauce? 2 tablespoons doesn't seem like a lot of sauce to accompany my roasted spaghetti squash?
  2. EmilyVT

    Serving Sizes

    I just worry and find that challenging because these are dressings and sauces that accompany a meal
  3. EmilyVT

    Serving Sizes

    In the book there are a lot of recipes that yield a total amount but don't say a serving size. For instance, the tomato sauce on page 324 states that it makes 3 cups, what is a serving size? Same question for the rest of the sauces. I'm a very literal person and will find it challenging to not measure portions but want to make sure I'm not overeating. Thanks in advance